Subject: Wanted: MAN B&W 6S46MC-C New Spare Parts

Date: 12/14/2021 11:33:02 AM

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Dear Sir


Please offer BEST price and delivery time for the following spares:

Main engine: MAN B&W 6S46MC-C, Engine serial No – YB-097, Built 2006. 

Maker Yichang Marine Engine Plant of China 


 - see attached 

Waiting your Quotation!


Best regards,



9915 Kirkenes, Norway 

Reg. no. NO915714137MVA


P90801-0179  Exhaust valve
013Sealing  ring   6 pcs 
086O-ring   6 pcs 
098Sealing  ring   6 pcs 
108Valve spindle   4 pcs 
133Valve spindle guide   4 pcs 
182Spindle pin   4 pcs 
074Bottom piece   4 pcs 
P90802-0037 Exhaust valve - Details
103O-ring   6 pcs 
152Sealing  ring   6 pcs 
164O-ring   6 pcs 
176O-ring   6 pcs 
90803-0033 Exhaust valve – Upper Parts
075Packing ring   6 pcs 
087O-ring  6 pcs 
146Sealing  ring   6 pcs 
230Packing   6 pcs 
337Sealing ring   6 pcs 
350Sealing  ring12 pcs 
362Spacer  ring   6 pcs 
421Sealing  ring   6 pcs 
445Guide  ring   6 pcs 
457Sealing  ring12 pcs 
528Slide    3 pcs 
541Spring   3 pcs 
589Piston ring12 pcs 
600Cone   3 pcs 
612Sealing  ring12 pcs 
636Actuator piston complete   1 pcs 
P90806-0109  Exhaust valve - Pipe system
225Sealing  ring   6 pcs 
095Sealing  ring   6 pcs 
117Sealing  ring   6 pcs 
046O ring   6 pcs 
034Retaining ring   6 pcs 
083Retaining ring   6 pcs 
130Hydraulic  pipe, complete   1 pc 
Plate 90101-111  Cylinder Cover
114O- ring12 pcs 
138Gasket   6 pcs 
Plate P90302-0201Cylinder Liner & Cooling Jacket
129 (17)Sealing  ring12 pcs 
105Jacketed  packing ring12 pcs 
166 (35)Packing   6 pcs  
178O ring12 pcs 
191Gasket   6 pcs 
237(32)O-ring   6 pcs 
201Piston cleaning ring   6 pcs 
Plate P90302-155  Cylinder Liner & Cooling  Jacket
071O-ring   4 pcs 
095O-ring   4 pcs 
201O-ring   8 pcs 
Plate 90304-08  Cylinder Liner-Details
060Non-return valve A   2 pcs 
118Non-return valve  B   2 pcs 
Plate P 90205-0115  Piston rod  stuffing  box
037Scraper ring   1 pc 
049Scraper ring   1 pc 
157Scraper ring   1 pc 
169Sealing  ring   1 pc 
170Sealing  ring   1 pc 
241Spring   4 pcs 
253Spring   2 pcs 
145O ring   1 pc 
Plate 90201-0194   Piston  and  Piston  Rod
167D-Ring   6  pcs 
179D-Ring   6  pcs 
192Screw16 pcs 
035Screw12 pcs 
90201-0194-072 Piston ring N1 6 pcs (CV1.POP Alum coat, MAN)
90201-0194-084 Piston ring N2,N4 12 pcs (CF5.Left Alum coat, MAN)
90201-0194-096 Piston ring N3 6 pcs (CF5.Right Alum coat, MAN)
Plate 91210-142  Bedplate
108Main earing, upper shell   1 pc 
121Main earing, lower shell   1 pc 
Plate 90401-135  Connecting Rod and Crosshead
140Crosshead bearing shell, lower part   2 pcs 
068Crankpin bearing shell, complete   1 set 
Plate P90610-0109 Bearing Housing-Mounting
159Bearing shell   1 pc 
111Thrust ring   1 set 
Plate 90901-0202 Fuel Pump
711Pump barrel, complete   6 pcs 
759Suction valve, complete   6 pcs 
341O-ring   6 pcs 
233O-ring   6 pcs 
353Back-up ring   6 pcs 
365O-ring   6 pcs 
Plate 90910-124   Fuel  valve
065Nozzle12 pcs 
089O-ring12 pcs 
124O-ring12 pcs 
148O-ring12 pcs 
197Non-return valve  6 pcs 
Plate 90913-99  High-Pressure Pipes
012High-Pressure Pipes, complete   1 pc 
168High-Pressure Pipes, complete   1 pc 
061O-ring   6 pc 
144O-ring   6 pc 
Plate P90810-0069


Arrangement of  Cooling water pipes
288Compensator   3 pcs 
323Butterfly valve   2 pcs 
Plate 90805-101   Valve  Gear
410Piston  ring   6 pcs 
Plate P90307-0024  Cylinder  Lubricator Unit
102O-ring   6 pcs 
330O-ring   6 pcs 
342O-ring   6 pcs 
425O-ring   6 pcs 
450O-ring   6 pcs 
616O-ring   6 pcs 
641O-ring   6 pcs 
Plate P90702-0060  Main Starting Valve
637Packing ring   2 pcs 
649Packing ring   2 pcs 
052Packing ring   2 pcs 
218Packing ring   2 pcs 
Plate P90704-0061  Starting  valve
041 Packing   6 pcs 
124Sealing ring   6 pcs 





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6/3/2024 1:43:32 PM Korea, (South) Rep. of

Dear Sir,

Gd day,

Pls quote us whether you have main bearing 8sets & Crank pin bearing 6sets according to KAWASAKI 6S 46MC-C.



2/9/2022 8:36:52 AM China

I am Nancy, i checked your web and very interested in your company, we wanna do business with you 

Our company’s name: Qinhuangdao beifang marine parts & machinery import &export Co.,ltd  

we supply MAN  engine spares  for 30 years by now, Main  business is Crankshaft  / Cylinder liner /Cylinder head/ Piston /injector valve/injector pump etc and technical support 


SPARE PARTS AVAILABLE: FOUR  STROKE (MAN L16/24,L21/31,L27/38, L/V28/32,  L/V32/40)


  • Crankshaft
  • Cylinder liner
  • Piston
  • Cylinder head
  • Main starting valve & indicator valve
  • Cylinder Head Accessories
  • Inlet/ Exhaust Valve
  • Fuel injection system


Our products are exported to Europe, America and Southeast Asia etc.

Key customers are HYUNDAI, Doosan Heavy, Russia RUMO , Weichai Power, ZGPT Diesel Heavy Industry, Anqing CSSC,STX ENGINE, Guangzhou Diesel Engine, SXD, Zibo diesel engine etc.


Further information please check  attachment.

We are powerful to support your business ! 


Looking for your inquiry !




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