Subject: Wanted: Mitsubishi Main Engine 6UEC 37LA Spare Parts

Date: 2/20/2023 10:53:24 PM

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Dear sir


Could you please provide these item attached. Please mention detail

1.       The prices

2.       Warranty

3.       Ready stock availability

4.       Lead time for shipping to Jakarta Indonesia


Looking forward to hearing from you




Vicky Thresia


PT. ITI Marine & Oilfield Utama

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Brijraj Parmar
2/21/2023 10:07:27 AM India

Dear Sir, Please contact us


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What is Mitsubishi Main Engine 6UEC 37LA ?

The Mitsubishi Main Engine 6UEC 37LA is a type of diesel engine produced by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, a Japanese engineering and manufacturing company.

The 6UEC 37LA engine is a high-powered marine engine, specifically designed for use in large ocean-going vessels such as container ships, bulk carriers, and oil tankers. It is a six-cylinder, two-stroke engine, with a maximum output of around 11,000 horsepower (HP).

The engine is designed to operate at high efficiency and with low fuel consumption, in order to reduce operating costs and emissions. It is also designed with a number of advanced features, including a high-pressure fuel injection system and a turbocharger, which help to increase engine power and performance.

Other features of the 6UEC 37LA engine include a compact design, which helps to save space on board a vessel, as well as a simple and reliable construction, which helps to minimize maintenance requirements and downtime.

Overall, the Mitsubishi Main Engine 6UEC 37LA is a high-performance, fuel-efficient diesel engine that is commonly used in large commercial vessels for marine propulsion.

Where can we find Mitsubishi Main Engine 6UEC 37LA Spare Parts ?

If you need to find spare parts for a Mitsubishi Main Engine 6UEC 37LA, there are several options available to you.

  1. Authorized Mitsubishi Dealers: You can check with an authorized Mitsubishi dealer or distributor in your area. They can provide you with genuine Mitsubishi spare parts for your engine.

  2. Online Marketplaces: There are many online marketplaces that offer spare parts for marine engines, including the Mitsubishi 6UEC 37LA. These marketplaces may offer a wide range of spare parts from different manufacturers and suppliers.

  3. Independent Spare Parts Suppliers: There are also many independent suppliers who specialize in providing spare parts for marine engines, including the Mitsubishi 6UEC 37LA. These suppliers may offer both genuine Mitsubishi parts as well as compatible or aftermarket parts that can be used as replacements.

  4. Salvage Yards: Another option is to check with marine salvage yards, where you may be able to find used or reconditioned parts for your engine at a lower cost.

When looking for spare parts, it's important to make sure that you are getting high-quality, reliable parts that are compatible with your engine. You should always work with reputable suppliers and verify the authenticity of the parts you are purchasing.

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