Subject: Wanted MWM TBG 616 V 8

Date: 8.6.2017 09:57:10

Details: Reviews 2

Dear Sir or Madam,

we are looking for an used MWM TBG 616 V 8 engine.

No matter how many operating hours, please offer everything.

Best regards

Marten Telake




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Gonzalo Gonzalez
19.6.2017 13:28:02 Spain

Good afternoon Marten,

Today we receive two Gensets with MWM TGB 616 V8 engines. One is in a good running conditions and the another one need to be repaired.

Please, send me an email to give you more details and pictures, S/N. 

We would like to offer you both or one of them if you still need them.

Kindest Regards

Gonzalo Gonzalez

Omil & Gonzalez S,L.


11.6.2017 11:29:56 Bangladesh

Dear sir,

Please send aforesaid MWM TBG 616 VB engine type more details for reply of you query.

Hope we we are able to supply this.

Thank you

Mohammed Emrran ullah


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