Subject: Wanted: Power Plant of about 100-150MW at 50Hz frequency

Date: 3/7/2023 12:16:47 PM

Details: Reviews 2

Our client is looking for barge mounted power plant of about 100-150MW at 50Hz frequency, please let us know if  you have any barges and provide capacity(MW), year of manufacture, time run and fuel used, fuel options when available, export votage/frequency, heat rate and expected price. Looking forward to your positive response


Best Regards

S.Rao Pavar

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S.Rao Pavar
4/17/2023 9:02:09 AM India

Dear Mohammed,


pl send the techincal details and photos with price to

Muhammad Hazer
4/9/2023 1:44:20 AM Pakistan

Dear sir

We have a MAN power plant consists of 7 MAN HFO generators rating 12 MW each.

Running hours are around 15000

Contact me if you are interested.


Muhammad Hazer 


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What is Power Plant of about 100-150MW at 50Hz frequency ?

A power plant that generates about 100-150 MW of power at 50Hz frequency is a large-scale electricity generation facility. It is capable of producing enough electricity to power a small city or several large industrial facilities.

Such a power plant typically consists of multiple generators, each capable of producing 25-50 MW of power. These generators are usually driven by steam turbines, which are in turn powered by boilers that burn coal, natural gas, or other fuels.

The power plant may also include various auxiliary systems, such as water treatment, air conditioning, and ventilation systems, as well as electrical switchgear, transformers, and other equipment needed to convert the power produced by the generators into usable electricity at the desired voltage and frequency.

The power plant is typically connected to the grid through high-voltage transmission lines, which transport the electricity to where it is needed. The plant may also have backup generators, fuel storage tanks, and other systems to ensure reliable operation and continuity of power supply.

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