Subject: Wanted: RUSTON RK215 Locomotive Diesel Engine Spare Parts

Date: 1/27/2023 12:05:15 PM

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Dear Sir or Madame,

I’m looking for the availability and a quotation to get spare parts for RUSTON RK215 locomotive diesel engine according to the following list:


No. Part No. Description Qty
1 80.535.01269.001 Cam follower shaft 5
2 80.535.01269.002 Cam follower shaft 5
3 80.535.01269.003 Cam follower shaft 5
4 80.535.01269.004 Cam follower shaft 5
5 80.552.01644.000 Camshaft – ‘A’ bank 5
6 80.552.01645.000 Camshaft – ‘B’ bank 5
7 80.522.01373.305 COMPRESSION RING 2ND 160
8 80.522.01373.307 COMPRESSION RING TOP 80
9 81.527.01402.000 Connecting Rod 80
10 80.516.01399.008 Cylinder head rk215 80
11 86.527.01403.805 Large end bearing - standard 80
12 80.507.01592.801 LUB OIL PUMP ASSY 8
13 80.505.01490.205 Main bearing - bottom 45
14 80.505.01490.204 Main bearing – top 45
15 86.506.01087.204 Main Bearing Bolt 140
16 80.522.01472.000 PISTON ASSY 80
17 80.522.01405.200 SCRAPER RING 80
18 80.500.08730.202 starter motor 10
19 86.559.00001.000 Unit injector 80
20 80.535.01270.102 Valve cam follower 160


Waiting for your reply.




Paolo Patroncini



Via Cento 8/b
44124 Porotto (FE)

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What is RUSTON RK215 Diesel Engine ?

The Ruston RK215 is a diesel generator set produced by Ruston, a brand of the Rolls-Royce Power Systems AG. The RK215 generator set is powered by a six-cylinder, in-line Ruston diesel engine and it is designed to provide reliable and efficient power generation in a wide range of conditions. The RK215 generator set can produce power outputs ranging from 625kW to 675kW.

The RK215 generator set is known for its compact size, high power density, and low operating costs. It is suitable for a wide range of applications, including standby power, prime power, and continuous power. The RK215 generator set is also equipped with advanced control systems that enable it to be integrated with other power generation equipment, and it is compliant with the latest emissions regulations.

The RK215 generator set is designed for easy maintenance and serviceability, with features such as easy access to all service points and extended service intervals. It is often used in a variety of industries such as construction, mining, oil and gas, and telecommunications.

The Ruston RK215 is indeed a diesel locomotive engine produced by Ruston, a brand of the Rolls-Royce Power Systems AG. The RK215 engine is a six-cylinder, in-line diesel engine and it is designed for use in railway locomotives. It is known for its high power output and efficiency, with a power output of around 2,000 horsepower.

The RK215 engine is designed to meet the demanding requirements of railway operations, with features such as high reliability, low fuel consumption, and low emissions. The engine is also designed to be easy to maintain, with features such as easy access to all service points and extended service intervals.

The RK215 engine was used in several types of locomotives, including freight and passenger trains, and it was known for its durability and high-performance. However, the production of this engine has been discontinued and it is no longer in production.

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