Subject: Wanted: S.E.M.T. PIELSTICK 8PA4V200VGA Spare Parts

Date: 4/2/2024 3:57:58 PM

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We are looking for Cyl heads and following spare parts for FUJI DISEL S.E.M.T. PIELSTICK type 8PA4V200VGA


  Part_Code_ Description Quantity Remarks
1 Part?1-19_Code?B401601310_Rubber block 72  
2 Part?18-2_Code?B501801380_Valve guide  16  
3 Part?18-3_Code?4070180300_Inlet valve seat 16  
4 Part?18-4_Code?B501800040_Exhaust valve seat 16  
5 Part?18-7_Code?B401801980_Valve spring 16  
6 Part?18-8_Code?B401802670_Valve spring 16  
7 Part?18-19_Code?B401801290_Bush 32  
8 Part?18-20_Code?n/a_Adjusting bolt 32  
9 Part?18-23_Code?B401800210_Nut 32  
10 Part?18-24_Code?B401800240_Pad 16  
11 Part?18-28_Code?50920201000_Snup ring 16  
12 Part?18-30_Code?B501803300_Gasket 8  
13 Part?18-42_Code?B501801420_Rubber ring 16  
14 Part?18-54_Code?B401800280_Clip 16  
15 Part?18-55_Code?51720101200_Cover 32  
16 Part?18-60_Code?55060203000_O-ring 32  
17 Part?18-61_Code?55061203500_O-ring 32  
18 Part?18-95_Code?B501804610_Intake valve 16  
19 Part?18-96_Code?B541880900_Exhaust valve 16  
20 Part?18-99_Code?B401803270_Spring carrier  16  
21 Part?18-100_Code?B401803200_Cutter 32  
22 Part?18-102_Code?4071800600_Valve guide  16  
23 Part?18-558_Code?3060180100_Packing 8  
24 Part?18-592_Code?4060180110_Packing 16  


If anybody can supply it please dont hesitate to contact with us.


Best Regards

Burak Aldemir

Mobile: +90 532 698 66 21


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The FUJI DISEL S.E.M.T. PIELSTICK type 8PA4V200VGA is a type of marine diesel engine. It is manufactured by SEMT Pielstick, a French company that specializes in designing and producing diesel engines for marine propulsion and power generation applications.

The "8PA4V200VGA" designation typically refers to the specific model and configuration of the engine. Here is a breakdown of what each part of the designation might signify:

  • "8" in "8PA4V200VGA" could refer to the number of cylinders in the engine.
  • "PA" likely stands for "Pielstick A" series, indicating the engine series or generation.
  • "4V" may refer to the number of valves per cylinder, indicating the engine's valve configuration.
  • "200" could indicate the engine's displacement or power output, although this can vary depending on the specific model.
  • "VGA" might denote additional features or specifications of the engine, such as its application (e.g., marine propulsion).

Overall, the FUJI DISEL S.E.M.T. PIELSTICK type 8PA4V200VGA is a specific model of marine diesel engine known for its reliability and performance in marine applications.


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