Subject: Wanted: Siemens SGT 800 Gas Turbine Generator

Date: 1/31/2023 9:23:22 AM

Details: Reviews 6

For Siemens SGT 800 Gas Turbine Generator

pls let us know whther this moldel available 3 units to become 85mw or not. If so, pls let us know the price, year of MFG , full spec, photo for 3 units, hour meter and last overhauled maintenance date/month/year and hour meter after last overhauled till shut down. 

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RJ McIntosh
1/3/2024 12:01:37 PM United States

We are direct owner of 6each factory new zero time SGT800 52MW 50Hz. Ready for immediate deliver. 
Please advise. Thank you

Alex Gee
1/1/2024 9:51:52 AM Germany

We are looking for a (1x) Siemens, SGT-800 gas turbo generator (50Hz). Please send us your proposal to

Thanks in advance

Jagabandhu Nath
4/20/2023 1:21:33 PM India

Please reply on my WhatsApp +918917360169



Tony St. Germain
4/7/2023 7:03:37 PM United States

I have a ready sale for two SGT 800's please submit sale price












































Jhon Smith
2/20/2023 12:09:34 PM United Arab Emirates

Dear Kitano


We are interested to these SGT800 Please send us your technical and commercial proposal. 


Best Regards


2/16/2023 8:19:22 AM Switzerland

Good day,

we have 2 set avaailable

Pl. contact me

best regards

P. Marzari


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What is Siemens SGT 800 Gas Turbine Generator ?

The Siemens SGT-800 is a heavy-duty gas turbine generator used in power plants for electricity generation. It has a rated power output of up to 57 MW and a thermal efficiency of up to 46%. The turbine features a compact design, low emissions, and high reliability, making it suitable for a range of applications, including combined cycle and simple cycle power plants.

What is SGT 800 ?

The SGT-800 is a gas turbine model produced by Siemens, used primarily for electricity generation in power plants. It has a high power output and thermal efficiency, making it a reliable and efficient choice for a variety of applications.

What are the Siemens SGT Series ?

The Siemens SGT (also known as the "Industrial Turbo-Generator") series is a range of gas turbines designed for power generation in various industrial applications, such as oil and gas, petrochemical, and power plants. The series includes models with different power output and efficiency ratings, including the SGT-400, SGT-500, SGT-600, and SGT-800. The turbines are known for their high reliability, low emissions, and compact design.

How is the maintenance for Siemens SGT 800 Gas Turbine ?

The maintenance of Siemens SGT 800 Gas Turbine involves a combination of routine inspections, scheduled maintenance activities, and unscheduled repairs. Here are some general guidelines for maintaining an SGT 800 Gas Turbine:

  1. Regular Inspections: Inspections should be performed at regular intervals to detect and prevent potential issues before they become major problems. These inspections can include checking the condition of the air filters, inspecting the blades and vanes of the compressor and turbine, and checking the condition of the combustion system.

  2. Scheduled Maintenance: Scheduled maintenance activities for the SGT 800 Gas Turbine typically include replacing the air filters, replacing the fuel filters, inspecting and cleaning the fuel nozzles, and performing a hot gas path inspection. These tasks are typically performed at specified intervals based on the operating hours of the turbine.

  3. Unscheduled Repairs: Unscheduled repairs may be required if an issue is detected during an inspection or if the turbine experiences a failure or malfunction. These repairs may include replacing damaged components, repairing or replacing the combustion system, or repairing the control system.

  4. Condition Monitoring: Condition monitoring involves continuously monitoring the performance of the gas turbine to detect potential issues and optimize its operation. This can include monitoring temperature and vibration levels, monitoring the air and fuel flow, and analyzing the data to detect any changes or anomalies.

It is important to follow the manufacturer's guidelines for maintenance and to work with qualified and experienced technicians who are trained to service the SGT 800 Gas Turbine. By following these guidelines and performing regular maintenance, the gas turbine can operate reliably and efficiently, helping to minimize downtime and reduce operating costs.


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