Wanted: Spare Parts for Diesel Power Plant GEH 250-Perkins, FG Wilson (200 kW)

Subject: Wanted: Spare Parts for Diesel Power Plant GEH 250-Perkins, FG Wilson (200 kW)

Date: 5/23/2024 4:08:20 PM

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We have a requirement for the items in the attached file. Please provide your offer, if there is a possibility of supply.


NoPart numberDescriptionUnit changeQty.
1 Spare parts for diesel power plant GEH 250-Perkins (200 kW) consisting of:Kit1
1,11812348C1Fuel seals tubesPC1
1,2FG Wilson 994-617Fuel pump gasketPC1
1,3934-972 INJECTORNozzlePC6
1,410000-25549Generator 24BPC1
1,5FG Wilson 997-871Fan BeltPC1
1,610000-01568Water pumpPC1
1,7528-122 FUEL HOSE 3/8"BSP 920MM LGFuel hose 930PC1
1,8528-121 FUEL HOSE 3/8"BSP 820MM LGFuel hose 820PC1
1,9997-108Cylinder head gasketPC1
1.10936-012; 997-063Front engine cover gasketPC2
1,11994-521Valve cover gasketPC1
1,12908-450Manifold gasketPC1
1,13908-440Pan gasketPC1
1,14994-639Front cover oil seal (994-639)PC4
1,15930-665O-ring (930-665)PC4
1,16994-559O-ring (994-559)PC4

If any questions, please let us know.


Look forward to hearing from you soon.


Saygılarımla / Best regards,

Ali Hacıoğlu

Procurement Specialist

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