Wanted: Spare Parts for Diesel Yanmar 6N21AL-GV ; 960KW SN : 6693FTK

Subject: Wanted: Spare Parts for Diesel Yanmar 6N21AL-GV ; 960KW SN : 6693FTK

Date: 3/17/2024 1:19:24 AM

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Dear Sir,


Please offer SP for Yanmar Diesel 6N21AL-GV as file attached

Hope receiving your offer soon


Best regards,




ItemDescriptionPNUnitQtyU/n priceTotal price
13456 7
SP for Diesel Yanmar 6N21AL-GV ; 960KW SN : 6693FTK
1EXHAUST VALVE -147673-11110PCE4  
2SUCTION VALVE -147673-11100PCE4  
3SEAT, SUC . VALVE -147674-11081PCE6  
4Valve seat, exhaust. -147673-11090PCE6  
5O-Ring. P/N: 141616-11061 -141616-11061PCE4  
6O-Ring (Exh. V.Seat)-146673-11810PCE4  
9COTTER,(SYSTEM) SET -27310-140000PCE48  
10Spring valve (A) outside -145610-11121PCE2  
11Spring valve (B) inside -145610-11131PCE2  
12Rotator 14x56, valve-27320-140560PCE2  
13O-RING, 4DP21.0 -24316-000210PCE24  
14O-Ring 4D P24.0 -24316-000240PCE24  
15O-Ring. P/N: 152633-01810 -152633-01810PCE12  
16O-Ring (1A) P9. P/N: 24311-000090 -24311-000090PCE12  
17O-Ring (1A) P35. P/N: 24316-000350 -24316-000350PCE12  
18V-ring, heat inlet; P/N 147673-12312 -147673-12312PCE10  
19Sleeve, nozzle. P/N: 147673-11860 -147673-11860PCE2  
20O-Ring (4D) G40. P/N: 24326-000400  -24326-000400PCE12  
21Gasket. P/N: 146673-11870  -146673-11870PCE6  
22Nozzle packing. P/N: 137600-53091 -137600-53091PCE6  
23Gio?ng-Packing-?????????; P/N 147676-01581 -  -147676-01581PCE1  
24Gio?ng-Packing-?????????; P/N 147676-01480 -  -147676-01480PCE1  
25GASKET, SIDE COVER -147673-01410PCE12  
26Rubber ring, upper; P/N 147673-01320-147673-01320PCE6  
27Rubber ring, lower; P/N 147673-01330  -147673-01330PCE6  
28GASKET, CYL. HEAD -147644-01350PCE6  
29Anti polising ring; P/N 147673-01130-147673-01130PCE2  
30MAIN METAL ASSY.(STD)-747673-02010PCE1  
31Gio?ng-Gasket, P/N 147673-18630 -  -147673-18630PCE2  
32Gio?ng-Gasket, P/N 147673-18640 -  -147673-18640PCE3  
33GASKET -146673-18821PCE1  
34GASKET  -146678-18890PCE1  
35Gasket, air cooler outlet; P/N 147673-18740  -147673-18740PCE1  
36V-Ring, blower oulet. P/N: 147673-18221 -147673-18221PCE1  
37O-Ring (4D) P46. P/N: 24316-000460 -24316-000460PCE1  
38O-ring (1A) P9 ; P/NO-ring (4D) P24; P/N 24316-000240 -  -24316-000240PCE2  
39RING NO.1,PISTON -147676-22130PCE6  
40RING NO.2,PISTON -147673-22110PCE6  
41RING NO.3,PISTON -147673-22150PCE6  
42Oil ring assy 147673-22120-147673-22120Set6  
43BEARING, CRANK PIN -147673-23350PCE1  
44Packing -147673-35530PCE2  
45Packing -147673-35540PCE2  
46Packing -147673-35550PCE2  
47Mechanical seal C.F.W. pump-147673-42490PCE1  
48SEAL, OIL TC355511 -24421-355511PCE2  
49Gasket; P/N 147673-42300 -  -147673-42300PCE1  
50Isobaric valve assy; P/N 146673-51300 -  -146673-51300Set2  
51O-Ring P42. P/N: 146673-53900-146673-53900PCE6  
52oring; P/N  151673-51380 -  -151673-51380PCE6  
53O-Ring. -128633-11880PCE6  
54Overhaul kit. Model 45M. P/N:45-007 -  -45-007Set1  
55 Cover,LO Cooler(inlet side) P/N  147673-33260147673-33260PCE1  
56Co su-O ring 1A G-200.0  P/N 24321-002000 24321-002000PCE10  
57Oil seal P/N 158510-61030158510-61030PCE1  
58 Oil seal P/N 158510-61380158510-61380PCE4  
59 Governor Ass"Y,NZ61 Type758510-61430Set1  
60Ball bearing 600524101-60054PCE4  
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alkesh ajnare
3/18/2024 4:51:33 PM India

hello dear sir do you get this spare or not if you dont get please reply me 


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