Wanted: Spare Parts for MAN 6L16/24 Diesel Engine Spare Parts

Subject: Wanted: Spare Parts for MAN 6L16/24 Diesel Engine Spare Parts

Date: 5/9/2023 12:55:04 PM

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Dear Sir


Kindly quote us attached inquiry with your best prices as well as terms of delivery.

Please consider freight charge to Dubai-UAE


  ENGINE  MAN 6L16/24  
ITEM Description Part No QUANTITY  UNIT
3 FEELER GAUGE (0.4-0.5 mm, inlet valve) 52008-08h.010 2 PCS
4 FILTER CARTRIDGE  51502-12H.013 54 PCS
5 NOZZLE  51402-12H-021 4 PCS
6 NOZZLE HOLDER  51402-12H.128 2 PCS
7 O-RING (fuel injection valve orange) 51402-12H-104 24 PCS
8 VALVE SET RING (EXHAUST) 50501-02H.184 12 PCS

Best Regards

Paul Edward

Purchase & sales director

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What is MAN 6L16/24 Diesel Engine ?

The MAN 6L16/24 Diesel Engine is a medium-speed, four-stroke diesel engine produced by MAN Energy Solutions, a German-based manufacturer of marine and stationary engines, as well as other energy equipment. MAN Energy Solutions is well-known for its robust and efficient engines, used across various industries, including marine, power generation, and industrial applications.

The "6L16/24" designation indicates the engine's configuration and key specifications:

  • "6": The engine has six cylinders arranged in a straight, or inline, configuration.
  • "L": The "L" denotes that it is an inline engine, as opposed to a "V" configuration.
  • "16/24": The bore (cylinder diameter) and stroke (piston travel distance) are 16 cm and 24 cm, respectively. These values help determine the engine's displacement, power output, and efficiency.

The MAN 6L16/24 Diesel Engine is designed for a variety of applications, such as propulsion systems for smaller marine vessels, auxiliary power generation on larger ships, and land-based power generation. Some of the key features and benefits of this engine include:

  1. High reliability and durability: MAN engines are known for their long service life and low maintenance requirements, which contribute to lower operational costs.

  2. Fuel efficiency: The 6L16/24 engine is designed for optimal fuel consumption, reducing operating costs and emissions.

  3. Flexibility: The engine can be configured for various power outputs and is compatible with different types of fuel, such as diesel, heavy fuel oil, and biofuels.

  4. Ease of maintenance: The modular design of the 6L16/24 engine simplifies maintenance tasks, reducing downtime and associated costs.

Overall, the MAN 6L16/24 Diesel Engine is a reliable and efficient choice for various applications in the marine, power generation, and industrial sectors.

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