Wanted Spare Parts for MAN TCR20 Turbocharger MAJOR OVERHAUL KIT

Subject: Wanted Spare Parts for MAN TCR20 Turbocharger MAJOR OVERHAUL KIT

Date: 3/28/2023 11:21:33 AM

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Dear Sir,

We are NAVAL ARMAMENT RESOURCES, a company in responsible for Malaysian Marine Department supplies,

We would highly appreciate it if you can give us your best price and delivery time for the quotation attached below.


 MAN Turbocharger TCR20-42041

Appreciate your soonest reply.
Thank you and warmest regards,

NAME: Fudail Rosli

NO.423, FASA 2i

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What is MAN TCR20 Turbocharger ?

The MAN TCR20 is a turbocharger designed and manufactured by MAN Energy Solutions, a German company that produces large diesel engines and turbomachinery for marine, power generation, and industrial applications.

The TCR20 turbocharger is a two-stage turbocharger that is primarily used for the turbocharging of medium- and high-speed diesel engines. It features a radial turbine design, which provides high efficiency and good response characteristics. The TCR20 turbocharger is designed to deliver high boost pressure at low engine speeds, which helps to improve engine performance and reduce emissions.

Some of the key features of the MAN TCR20 turbocharger include:

  • Two-stage design with intercooling
  • Radial turbine with optimized flow path
  • Variable geometry nozzle ring for improved efficiency and response
  • Inlet and outlet casing made of high-strength materials
  • Water-cooled bearings and compressor wheel for improved reliability
  • Designed for easy maintenance and serviceability

Overall, the MAN TCR20 turbocharger is a reliable and efficient turbocharger that is widely used in marine and industrial applications. Its two-stage design and advanced features help to improve engine performance and reduce emissions, making it a popular choice for many different types of diesel engines.

What is MAN TCR20 Turbocharger MAJOR OVERHAUL KIT ?

The MAN TCR20 Turbocharger Major Overhaul Kit is a set of replacement parts and components that are used to perform a major overhaul of the MAN TCR20 turbocharger. This kit typically includes all the necessary components to fully rebuild the turbocharger and restore it to like-new condition.

Some of the components that may be included in a MAN TCR20 Turbocharger Major Overhaul Kit include:

  • Turbine and compressor wheels
  • Bearings and bushings
  • Seals and gaskets
  • Nozzle rings
  • Vane carriers
  • Locking plates and screws
  • Thrust bearings and washers
  • Journal bearings and spacers
  • Oil and water seals

During a major overhaul, the turbocharger is completely disassembled, and all the components are inspected for wear and damage. Any damaged or worn components are then replaced with new parts from the overhaul kit. The turbocharger is then reassembled, tested, and balanced to ensure that it meets the manufacturer's specifications for performance and reliability.

Performing a major overhaul on a turbocharger is an important maintenance task that can help to extend the life of the turbocharger and ensure that it continues to operate at peak efficiency. The MAN TCR20 Turbocharger Major Overhaul Kit provides all the necessary components to perform this task quickly and easily, helping to minimize downtime and maintenance costs.


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