Subject: Wanted: Spare Parts for STX MAN Diesel Genset 18V32/40

Date: 5/11/2023 12:29:07 PM

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Hi there,

We are looking to procure STX MAN Diesel Genset 18V 32/40 Parts, please advise price and availability:

Engine s/n - 4SB 18V32 - 13946;

Camshaft ? 18V-RI

           1110 120-44-77-XXXX


           B 13808



1- O-RING SEAL, P/N: 447.36.125, Qty: 36 Pcs

2- BEARING BUSH, P/N: 102.06.001, Qty: 12 Pcs

3- STUD, P/N: 101.69.021, Qty: 96 Pcs

4- FITTING BOLT, P/N: 101.69.022, Qty: 96 Pcs

5- WASHER, P/N: 101.69.004, Qty: 96 Pcs

6- LOCK NUT, P/N: 101.69.024, Qty: 96 Pcs

Best regards,

Darabi / Manager

Rare Obsolete Hard-to-find Industrial Parts

Skype: rohipllc

Add: 26140, Odunpazarı, Eskişehir, Türkiye


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