Subject: Wanted: STX Niigata 6NSD Engine Block

Date: 4/11/2023 12:59:12 PM

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Hi Team,


Please assist on the below 


STX Niigata 6NSD

1.        1 Pcs               Engine block, Used



Best regards

Kelvin Chang

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What is STX Niigata 6NSD Diesel Engine ?

The STX Niigata 6NSD diesel engine is a medium-speed, 4-stroke, water-cooled marine diesel engine manufactured by Niigata Power Systems, a subsidiary of STX Corporation in South Korea. Niigata Power Systems, formerly known as Niigata Engineering, is a Japanese company that specializes in the production of marine propulsion systems, engines, and other related equipment.

The 6NSD series is designed for various marine applications, such as tugboats, ferries, fishing vessels, and other workboats. These engines are known for their reliability, fuel efficiency, and ease of maintenance.

Key features of the STX Niigata 6NSD diesel engine include:

  1. Configuration: The engine is an inline 6-cylinder design, which makes it more compact and easier to maintain compared to V-type engines.
  2. Fuel efficiency: The 6NSD series uses a direct fuel injection system, which contributes to better combustion and improved fuel efficiency.
  3. Turbocharging: The engine is turbocharged, which increases the power output without significantly increasing the engine size or weight.
  4. Emission control: The 6NSD series incorporates emission control technologies to meet various international marine emission standards, making it environmentally friendly.
  5. Versatility: The engine can be used in various marine applications due to its modular design and a range of power output options.

Overall, the STX Niigata 6NSD diesel engine is designed to provide reliable and efficient power for a wide range of marine applications while meeting environmental regulations.

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