Wanted: Wartsila 20V34SG STD Size Crankshaft or Complete Engine

Subject: Wanted: Wartsila 20V34SG STD Size Crankshaft or Complete Engine

Date: 8/23/2023 11:40:15 AM

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We are looking for Wartsila 20V34SG Gas Engine STD size crankshaft or complete engine


If anybody has it please dont hesitate to contact with us.


Best Regards

Burak Aldemir



Mobile: +90 532 698 66 21

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What is Wartsila 20V34SG Gas Engine ?

Wärtsilä is a Finnish company known for manufacturing large engines and other equipment primarily for the marine and energy sectors. The Wärtsilä 20V34SG is one of the company's medium-speed gas engines designed primarily for power generation applications.

Here's a brief overview of the Wärtsilä 20V34SG gas engine:

  1. Type: The "20V34SG" designation can be broken down as follows:

    • "20" refers to the engine's cylinder bore diameter in centimeters.
    • "V" indicates a V-shaped configuration of the cylinders.
    • "34" is the engine series.
    • "SG" stands for Spark-Ignited Gas, meaning it runs on natural gas or other gaseous fuels and uses a spark plug to ignite the fuel-air mixture.
  2. Application: This engine is primarily used for power generation. It can be used in decentralized energy infrastructure, peaking power plants, or in combined heat and power (CHP) plants.

  3. Performance: One of the key advantages of this engine series is its high efficiency and ability to maintain that efficiency across a wide range of operating loads. Additionally, the engine is designed to produce low emissions, making it environmentally friendly. One of the standout features of Wärtsilä's gas engines, including the 34SG, is their high efficiency. Their performance is optimized for natural gas, but they can run on other gaseous fuels.

  4. Configuration: The Wärtsilä 34SG engine can come in different configurations. The "V" configurations, such as the 20V34SG you previously asked about, indicate a V-shaped cylinder arrangement. The number preceding the "V" denotes the bore diameter of the engine. There can also be inline configurations for this engine, but the specifics depend on the model.

  5. Flexibility: Wärtsilä's engines are known for their operational flexibility, which allows for quick start-ups and rapid load changes. This makes them suitable for balancing power in grids with a significant share of intermittent renewable energy sources, such as wind and solar.

  6. Fuel: The WARTSILA 20V34SG engine is optimized for natural gas, but it can also run on other gaseous fuels.. The Wartsila 34SG is designed to produce low emissions, aligning with global trends and regulations pushing for greener and more sustainable power generation methods.

  7. Reliability: With robust design and construction, the Wärtsilä engines are built to provide reliable service over long operational lifetimes. Wärtsilä engines, including the 34SG, are recognized for their operational flexibility, allowing for quick start-ups and load changes. They're also designed for reliability, with a robust build ensuring long operational lifetimes.

It's important to note that specific performance figures, emissions data, and other details can be obtained directly from Wärtsilä's official documentation or their company representatives.


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