Subject: Wanted: Wartsila 9L20 Complete Engine

Date: 05.05.2015 15:32:02

Details: Reviews 2

Dear Sir,

We are looking for 2nd hand good condition Wartsila 9L20 Complete Engines.

KW: 1530, RPM: 900.

If anybody have a suitable units please feel free to contact with us.

Thanks for you.

Best Regards


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mr rudi
12.7.2019 09:30:25 Indonesia

Dear sir

We have a complete DGset Wartsila vasa 9L20 1000RPM 1740KW  ,engine no:173005 ,year1995 ,running hours +/-2500 hour . DGset not used anymore. disconnected from grid . notes: Air starter no:218006 broken ,saco 16A3 broken , engine run still ok (manual mode). Let me know if you are looking for. we like to sell because need its place for other purpose.


Monzur Morshed Chowdhury
16.05.2015 13:12:48 Bangladesh

We have your required engine & can supply after confirm PO. Engine specification is - Wartsila type 9L20, Engine No. PAA007769, PAA007768, KW:1530, RPM 900, YOB : 2005, Made in Finland. Kindly contact us for more info. Our email: Thanks/Monzu


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