Subject: Wanted: Yanmar 6LY2A-STP Diesel Engine with ZF280 drive

Date: 3/7/2023 4:31:31 PM

Details: Reviews 1

We are looking for 2 pcs Yanmar 6LY2A-STP with ZF280 drive.

ZF280 (1.214:1) to be installed with our 6LY2A-STP (440hp/3300rpm)

Rated Output: 324 kW / 440 mhp  Rated Speed: 3300 rpm  Displacement: 5.813 L / 354 cu. in  No. of cylinders: 6 cylinders  Cylinder Bore x Stroke: 106 mm x 110 mm / 4.17 in x 4.33 in  Combustion system: Direct Injection, In-line Pump  Aspiration: Turbocharged & Intercooled  Alternator: 12V - 80A  Dry weight without gear: 535 kg / 1179 lbs  Dimensions: 1428 mm x 692 mm x 736 mm  Controls: Mechanical  Certifications: RCD 1 IMO Tier 2 EMC SOLAS


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Elston Fernando
12/2/2023 4:50:43 PM Sri Lanka (ex-Ceilan)

Hi, still are you looking for the engines? 


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What is Yanmar 6LY2A-STP Diesel Engine with ZF280 drive ?

The Yanmar 6LY2A-STP is a marine diesel engine designed and manufactured by Yanmar, a leading Japanese engine manufacturer. This engine has a maximum power output of 440 horsepower at 3300 revolutions per minute (RPM) and is commonly used in a variety of marine applications such as in boats, yachts, and commercial vessels.

The ZF280 drive is a marine transmission unit made by ZF Friedrichshafen AG, a German transmission manufacturer. It is designed to work with marine engines like the Yanmar 6LY2A-STP and has a gear ratio of 1.214:1. This ratio determines the speed at which the propeller turns in relation to the engine speed.

When installed together, the Yanmar 6LY2A-STP engine and ZF280 drive form a powerful and reliable propulsion system for marine vessels. The high horsepower output of the engine combined with the efficient transmission ratio of the ZF280 drive allows for smooth and powerful acceleration, improved fuel efficiency, and reduced emissions. Overall, this combination is a popular choice among boat owners and commercial operators looking for a powerful and reliable marine propulsion system.


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