Subject: Wartsila 50 SG Power Plants wanted

Date: 9/13/2023 10:12:09 AM

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We are looking for Wartsila brand Gas Engine power plants for sale. We prefer 50 SG engines. Up to 200 MW . Please contact by email. 

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Mr Grabe
10/12/2023 7:27:30 PM Singapore

Dear Mr Cumhur Ipektel,

we have to sell :

15x WARTSILA Dual Fuel Engines 20V34DF / Gross electrical output approx. 9,75 MW each

Dual means :

The prime movers consist of 2 x Wartsila 20V34DF type engines, capable of operating on 99% natural gas with one percent (1%) of the energy input provided by diesel fuel as the pilot fuel to initiate ignition, or operating on 100% diesel fuel. The sets are capable of switching fuels during operation. Indicative performance values are presented below. Final performance will be provided and can be guaranteed after receipt of contract fuel specifications and contract design basis ambient conditions.


20x Gas Engines Type 20V34SG Basic WARTSILA

( only Natural GAS ) 

All systems are new ! not used

Also we have on Stock :

Siemens GAS Trurbines :

SGT400 / SGT 600 and SGT 800 

All on prior sale

Maybe something intersting for you 


GraBa Tech Asia Pacific



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