Subject: Wartsila 6L20 Nozzle injector

Date: 02.03.2014 13:17:20

Details: Reviews 2

We are looking for at least 12 pcs Brand New nozzle injector for  Wartsila 6L20 ,P/n:167 020 , Spray detail: 148 0.38 8

Requst may increase depend on your offer.

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Ragnar Radtke
2/11/2024 10:43:50 PM Canada

We can supply European injector nozzles compatible with Wartsila 167020 made in EU.  

Christopher Lee
15.5.2020 10:00:50 China

Dear Sir, We can provide almost full range of machine parts for wartsila L/V20, R22, R26,L/V32. If you have any inquiry, please feel free to contact me. my email address:


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