Subject: Wartsila 6L20 x 3 generator sets

Date: 5/4/2021 12:37:56 PM

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3 x 2004 Wartsila 6L20 Gensets

These are Wartsila 6L20 diesels coupled to Marelli 440v alternators 780 kW each.

Engine No: PAAE009568, PAAE 009569, PAAE 009570,

Generators – 3 x Marelli Generators,

SN 041475.1, 041475.2, 041475.3,

Type MJBM500LC10B20,


60 Hz,

940 KVA,

Cos phi 0.8,

720 rpm,

Protection (IP) 23,

Current (A) 1233.

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Contact Name:Darshak Mehta
Company Name:Heeyas Limited
Mobile Phone:07816466923
Country:United Kingdom

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