Subject: Wartsila VASA V32 Spare Parts for sale

Date: 1/18/2023 2:02:10 PM

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Wartsila VASA V32 spare parts and complete engine also.

1.Reusable Liners wear below 0.30mm – free from crack, welding or any damages:8-10

2.Reusable Cyl heads bare – pressure tested free from crack:8-10

3.Piston with groove with in limit:8-10

4.Con rod – free from crack, wear within limit:8-10

5.Fuel pump - good condition:8-10

6.Centrifugal filter-good condition:1

7.Water pump – good condition:1

8.Lube oil pump - good condition:1

9.Turbo charger 354-11- good condition:2

10.Cam shaft – 12v32 A BANK & B BANK-good condition:2

11.WOODWARD 723 card - good condition:2

12.12v32 engine block - good condition:1

13.CAM SHAFT gear & CRANKSHAFT GEAR- good condition:2

14.FLY WHEEL- good condition 12V32:1

15.AFTER COOLER - good condition 12V32:1

If you are interested in complete engine part, please inform accordingly.

For your information in past, we have supplied Engine to Wartsila Finland, Italy, Singapore and India.

We are pleased to confirm that we are the sole owner of the above engine parts. In past we have observe that other party have offered our stock therefore we do not stand by for any details and condition offered by other parties. If you need any information or wish to clarify your doubts or any other details on above engine parts then please do call us or write to us by mail directly.  

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