Subject: We are looking for Crane, winches and deck equipment

Date: 7/21/2023 11:28:33 AM

Details: Reviews 3

1. Specifications – Offshore Crane

Crane Type : Telescopic or Knuckle Boom type Offshore Crane 
 Environmental : Hazardous Zone 2 Compliant

Lifting Capacity :  25 T @ 4 m
5 T @ 15 m

Operating Capacity : 4ft Wave Height with 3 – 5 second range 

Telescopic or Knuckle Boom type Offshore Crane Hazardous Zone 2 Compliant
25 T @ 4 m
5 T @ 15 m

Operators Cabin :Air Conditioned.

2. Specifications: Anchor Handling/Towing Winch

Electro-Hydraulic Towing Winch
1000m x Dia 64mmSWR @ 9 Layers
75 T x 0-5m/min (low speed)
12.5 T x 0 – 30m/min (High Speed)
250 T (Static 1st Layer)
Spring Loaded, Hydraulic Release Band Brake Hydraulic Operated Dog Clutch
Local Control Stand (near the winch)
Remote Control Panel (Wheelhouse)

Local Control Minimum FunctionsEmergency Stop push button with lockable cover Emergency Release push button with lockable cover Main Pressure display
Winch directional control
Remote Control Minimum FunctionsMain Pressure display
Emergency Stop push button with lockable cover Emergency Release push button with lockable cover Winch directional control

Power Supply Indicating Light
Hi/Lo Speed Selector
Station Selector
Brake Selector – Hold/Auto
Brake Hold Indicator Light
Brake release indicator light
Clutch In/Out Selectors & indicator lights Low Oil Level indication light

High Oil Temp Indication light Pilot Pressure display
“Low Low” Oil Level



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Recyclingnor As
2/7/2024 12:34:06 AM Norway

Dear sir,

We have different winches dismantled from ships. 

Please send us your required specifications and we will try to arrange a perfect match or close to your requirements. 



Faruk Mozumder
11/3/2023 12:41:27 AM Bangladesh

We are hardly try to given you this items 

9/5/2023 11:47:45 AM India

I have cranes

Double box 

Double hook with rotating hoist 

Qty 1 pc Cap 12.5 ton

Double box

Qty 2 pcs

Cap 12.5 ton


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