We are looking for renting a Jack-Up Barge

Subject: We are looking for renting a Jack-Up Barge

Date: 1/31/2023 11:22:22 PM

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Dear Sir,


We are looking for renting a Jack-up barge for an approximate period of 20 days to carry out some soil investigation nearshore of Kuwait with the following information.

  • Expecting mobilization May – June 2023
  • Jack up barge loaded with welfare facilities, moonpool or cantilever system, generators, lighting, and ladder for access to CTV vessel.
  • Tug to move the barge around or self-propelled Barge.
  • Barge equipped with Geotechnical rigs – CPT rig and Drill rig as per the attached specifications.
  • No age restriction
  • Water depth is 16 to 20 meters 
  • 100-ton crane is fine
  • Scope of works is geotechnical investigation.



Himanshu Ranjan

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2/16/2023 8:54:46 AM Russian Federation

Greetings sir/madam,


Hope this note finds you in good health.


We have reputable seller in Russia that can furnish your Jack-up Barge request.


If this offer is still valid, kindly get in touch with us either through email or WhatsApp as specified.


Designation: Direct personnel to the seller.


Anticipating your feedback.




Kind regards




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