Subject: We Have available Mitsubishi Turbocharger TC15-65A for sales.

Date: 2/19/2023 8:52:41 PM

Details: Reviews 3

Dear Sir/Mam,

Good day to you. Hope you are doing well. We Have available Mitsubishi Turbocharger TC15-65A for sales.

Serial No: 151002

Part No: 49124-00100

Nozzle Code: 480


Thanks, And Best Regards,

MD. Saifur Rahman. || Managing Director

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Saifur Rahman
2/22/2024 9:19:27 AM Bangladesh

Sir please contract with our whatsapp number: +8801829668362. Email:

Arno Pieterse
2/21/2024 4:23:00 PM South Africa

Good day,

I am looking for a turbocharger TC15-55A  P/N 49124-00800 for a Mitsubishi engine

7/31/2023 10:25:49 PM Canada

Hi there looking for turbo. Tc15.

S/n f0215r2

P/n 49124-00881-b

M/d tc15

Do you have one or two of there?



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What is Mitsubishi Turbocharger TC15-65A ?

The Mitsubishi Turbocharger TC15-65A is a type of turbocharger designed and manufactured by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, a Japanese engineering company.

A turbocharger is a device that is used to increase the power and efficiency of an internal combustion engine. It works by compressing the air that is delivered to the engine, which increases the amount of oxygen that is available for combustion. This, in turn, allows the engine to produce more power with the same amount of fuel.

The TC15-65A is a specific model of turbocharger that is designed for use in marine engines, particularly those used in large commercial vessels like cargo ships, tankers, and cruise ships. It is a relatively large turbocharger, with a maximum output of around 8 megawatts.

The TC15-65A is known for its high level of reliability and durability, which makes it well-suited for use in marine environments where maintenance and repairs can be difficult and costly. It is also designed to be highly efficient, which can help to reduce fuel consumption and emissions.

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