Subject: we have MAK 453C spares to offer

Date: 7/5/2021 10:04:48 PM

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Item Name P. Number Remark Quantity 
Liner New1Pcs
Con.Rod Recon2Pcs
Piston (1.N)(1.R)2Pcs
Head Good Conditions3Pcs
Piston Ring New45Pcs
Valve Spindle MAK 000803New16Pcs
Crosshead bearing  New1Pair
Push Rod New4Pcs
Main Bearing  New1Pair
Bigend Bearing MAK 000889New8Pair
Main Bearing  New1Pair
 Con Rod BushMAK 000113New5Pcs
Locating Bearing 1.123New2Pcs
Roto cap 1221002,PTR018New27Pcs
Valve Seat 6.2152-004New35Pcs
Joint RingMAK 000217New18Pcs
Cylinder   Gasket 6.2108BBNew13Set
Thermostat element 1.7837-373New20Pcs
Guide 12.1010UNew24Pcs
Injection rod New15Pcs
Solonut Valve   New1Pcs
Big end BoltMAK 000886New2Pcs
Beg End BoltMAK 000887New2Pcs
Fuel injector 1.0-2112260-2Good Conditions18Pcs
CirclipMAK 000885New6Pcs
Relief Valve1.0-10/1.2250-5New1Pcs
high pressure Nut New7Pcs
Intermideat Plate1.0-111.3590-1New1pcs
Head Bolt New4Pcs
Valve Spring inner  New2 Pcs
Control Sleeve  New2Pcs
tool boxMAK 000458New1pcs
Fuell Pump Recon4Pcs
Gasket For Governor Mounting 1.4110-108New1Set
Gasket For Turbocharger Mounting 1.0-12/ 1.7250-092New12Set
Gasket Mak end casing1.0-3/1.6301-15New4Pcs
Joint ring set6.2108BBNew1 Set
Clamping cone1.0-71 1.2210-7New102 Pcs
Protecting Collar537161-01New1Pcs
Lock Arm Recon1Pcs
Valve spring OuterE11/91 615.4New12Pcs
Trust Bearing New16Pcs
Spring Support 518461-01New1OPcs
Piston pin BushMAK 4200New1Pcs
Tension Bolt1.2520-002New2Pcs
Fuhrnngshulse193 715 670New1Pcs
Schranbenfeder213 351 526New1Pcs
Shim Washer New16Pcs
Fuel Connecting Pipe6.8520-051New2Pcs
Head stick Bolt New2Pcs
Tarbo Mount Pin1.7290-009New12Pcs
MAK exhaust pipe mounting 1.0-26/6.7215-26New1Pcs
Compressor air filter 1.4900-406New2Pcs
MAK 3/2 way Valve1.4914-915New8Pcs
3/2 way valve1.4914 FFNew3Pcs
BanjoMAK 001946/MS.1.5093-612New2Pcs
MAK Indicator Valv assembey11.2257d, New1Pcs
Radial Packing ringMS-1.6427-242New2Pcs
Extension Bush1.2679-006New4Pcs
Head stick Bolt New8Pcs
Compression ring1.2240-015New18Pcs
Cunting bush1.210.018New4Pcs
Cap New8Pcs
Join Ring1.7010-240New30 Pcs
Cam Rolar New01Pcs
Protecting cap1.0-2/1.3502-1New4Pcs
Valve Spring  Inner New2Pcs
Joint rod head1.4215-009New3Pcs
Turbocharger Gasket193.765 518New2 set
O Ring  New2Box
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11/22/2022 10:14:17 PM Paraguay

Hi there I am looking for 10 pcs gasket set of the cylinder head for MAK M452 6.2108DD





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