Subject: we have pielstick pc 4.2b spares in stock

Date: 4/20/2023 9:25:42 PM

Details: Reviews 0
01Gasket 40212500502052New12 pcs
02Gasket40214800103005New4 pcs
03Paking for EX gas mainfoold40212800103028New28 Pcs
04Paking (air for suctions 40214800102011New8 Pcs
05Paking40214600100003New12 pcs
06Bearing shell upper40207100100004New3 pcs
07Bearing metal40207100100005New3 pcs
08Small & bearing conrod40200300700005New6 pcs
09Con rod end bearing New1 fair
10Short fitted bolt connecting 40200300700007New3 Pcs
11Ex-valve  New3 Pcs
12Inlet valve New3 pcs
13Pushrod New2 Pcs
14Long fitted bolt (comdrod)40200300700006New4 Pcs
15Inlet connector  New4 Pcs
16Paking40202000103039New2 Pcs
17Air starting v/v40201800100002New1
18Thrust bearing40207100100007New1 Pcs
19Thurst bearing40207100100006New1 Pcs
20Planger & Barrel Assy 47 D.a40203001001011New1 Pcs
21Injector  6 Pcs
22Colling Jacket New1 Pcs
23Outer spring Ex v/v40201500403006New1 pcs
24Valve housing  New1 Pcs
25Bolt for piston40200500401003New24 Pcs
26Joint New9 Pcs
27Connection fix40204200101005New3 Pcs
28Screw40202000103029New2 Pcs
29Oring paking40202200103010New5 set
30Oring46603500103010New1 set
31Oring for cilinder liner botom40200800105010New40 Pcs
32Oring for cylinder liner uper40200800105009New16 pcs
33Pipe for integrator valve4660180020303New6 pcs
34Gasket 40204000101008New13 Pcs
35Gasket 40202000103016New30 pcs
36Oring for valve gear40202000103050New50 pcs
37Slecue (cooling clean water pipe)40213020100002New4 Pcs
38Oring4022509900850New3 pcs
39Oring New9 pcs(1pket)
40Entrance fitting for cylinder head 402,142,006,01,047New1 pcs
41Oring New20 pcs
42Oring40209700201015007New6 pcs
43Delivery valve seat & valve40293990102016/017New2 pcs
44Distance   piece402. pcs
45Nozzle Recon9 pcs
46Connection pipe40201900100002New2 pce
47Connection picece nut402. pce
48Oil surpece glassVTR56411/46005New2 pce
49Handle40202200103018New1 pce


#3CYL 20/506

New1 pce
51Spring set40201500403028New10 Pce
52Nipple 40201900100005New6 pce
53Screw40060209-99New3 Pce
54Pressure Screw402. Pce
55Gasket 4020907002001007New6 Pce
56Gasket 40214700103012New10 Pce
57Gasket for valve gear40202000103036New36 Pce
58Valve cotte40201500302008 New6 pear
59Snap ring for rotocap inlet v/v40201520200006New20 Pce
60Nut40212800103040New4 Pce
61Sel ring holders 402. Pce
62Spring40203000102033New1 pce
63Oring+ gasket lot1lot New30kg


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