World’s Largest 24,000 TEU Container Ship Floats Out Successfully


World’s Largest 24,000 TEU Container Ship Floats Out Successfully

On December 29, China’s first and world’s largest 24000TEU container ship was successfully undocked at No. 1 Dock at Hudong Zhonghua Changxing Shipbuilding Base under China State Shipbuilding Corporation, marking another major breakthrough made by China Shipbuilding Industry in the field of ultra-large container ship construction.

It is worth mentioning that on December 17, China’s first large-scale cruise ship successfully achieved the milestone node of floating in the dock at Waigaoqiao shipbuilding.

On December 28, the world’s largest cabin capacity of 99,000 cubic meters B-type super large B The VLEC was named and delivered at Jiangnan Shipbuilding. The three major Shanghai shipping companies under China State Shipbuilding Corporation have successively written three new chapters in China’s shipbuilding industry in just half a month.

This type of ship is independently designed by Hudong Zhonghua and has completely independent intellectual property rights. It is currently the largest container ship type in the world. The ship is 399.99 meters long, 61.5 meters wide, and 33.2 meters deep. It is equipped with a hybrid Scrubber desulfurization device; it adopts the latest global technology design of environmental protection, energy saving, efficiency and safety owned by Hudong Zhonghua, and adopts an exquisite bulbous bow, Large-diameter propellers and energy-saving ducts have the advantages of rapidity and low energy consumption, and all performance indicators have reached the international advanced level.

The first ship to be released this time is also the first star product built after the upgrade and transformation of the No. 1 dock of the Changxing Shipbuilding Base. In order to adapt to the new development trend of mass professional construction of ultra-large container ships and build China’s flagship large-scale container ship construction company, Hudong Zhonghua decided in 2020 to extend the length of Dock 1 from 520 meters to 660 meters to meet the requirements of 24000 TEU container ships. The need for a semi-tandem construction also meets the current mainstream shipowners’ ordering requirements for receiving a new ship every 2 months, forming an annual production capacity of 5-6 ultra-large container ships, and comprehensively improving the speed and efficiency of construction. At present, Dock 1 has become the busiest specialized production facility for large container ships in China.

Hudong Zhonghua attaches great importance to the construction of this series of 24000TEU container ships, continues to optimize and upgrade the hardware facilities of the shipyard, accelerates the improvement of production planning and refined management, and continuously improves the full communication, effective coordination and cooperation and mutual trust with shipowners and ship inspections, and strictly According to the requirements of unified and complete modeling and drawing, realize the efficient integration and sharing of design data, ensure the complete integration of outfitting pallet data, improve the loading efficiency and undock integrity, and reflect the comprehensive strength of Hudong Zhonghua’s intelligent manufacturing.


World’s Largest 24,000 TEU Container Ship Floats Out Successfully


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