Subject: Yanmar 6N21L-EV x 3 Marine Generator sets

Date: 5/4/2021 12:35:00 PM

Details: Reviews 2

Make: Yanmar

Model: 6N21L-EV

Mfg year: 2007-12

Made in Japan

Rating: 800 kW

Speed: 720 / min

Engine no: 5665FTN

Quantity: 3

Condition: Good

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Contact Name:Darshak Mehta
Company Name:Heeyas Limited
Mobile Phone:07816466923
Country:United Kingdom

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Darshak Mehta
9/10/2021 2:23:57 PM United Kingdom

Price US $ 55,000 each. 

9/10/2021 11:54:57 AM Syrian Arab Republic

Please send offer of yanmarvgen set 800 kw

Best regards



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