Subject: YHH High Head Ceramic (SIC) Slurry Pump

Date: 12/23/2022 9:42:45 AM

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Product Description

High pressure slurry pumps are capable of conveying abrasive and damaging slurries - a semi-fluid material with a solid content, while being able to handle high discharge pressures. Because these types of pumps can efficiently transport a variety of liquids over long distances, they are widely used in the steel, power generation, ceramics, mining, minerals and dredging industries.


This ceramic (SIC) slurry pump is cantilever, centrifugal pump. It adopts horizontal and vertical axial split double pump casing structure, lined with ceramic , which has good wear resistance, corrosion resistance and high reliability. The product has reasonable structure, reliable operation and long service life. Especially suitable for medium and high concentration, strong abrasion and high head using condition.


High pressure slurry pump specs





Advantages of high pressure slurry pump

Modular design for easy maintenance and cleaning

Simple yet effective and robust construction and functionality

Valve and sealless options eliminate clogging risk

Capable of handling sludge waste up to 100 mm

Self-priming and excellent suction capacity for emptying water tanks and oil pans

Multiple lining materials can be easily installed including hard metal, thick section rubber or polyurethane

The high-pressure mud pump is equipped with a robust shredding impeller that cuts the solids into smaller pieces as the fluid flows into the impeller

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