Subject: Barge Power plant 120 MW

Date: 3/26/2023 7:22:15 AM

Details: Reviews 6
  • Power Barge 120 MW
  • Engine:
  • Wartsila Corporation,1997,
  • Vasaa 18v46GD,
  • Output:16290 KW at ISO standard,
  • 500 RPM,
  • Generator:
  • ABB Industries OY,1998,
  • Type:AMG 1600 SR 12 DSEB
  • Output:20,000 KVA,
  • 15000 V,
  • 50 HZ,
  • 770 Amps,
  • 500 RPM
  • Compressor,
  • Electric Motor,
  • Transformer,
  • More informations on request
  • Price on request.
  • Contact me by email
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Kyaw Kyaw Lwin
1/3/2024 2:22:54 PM Myanmar (ex-Burma)

Dear sir, 

I'm from Myanmar, looking for BMPP 100-120 MW for my client.

My client is Electrical power developer as well as end user buyer in Myanmar. I'm looking BMPP for them and have got it mesg from Google net and registered.

Please let us know your offer price, technical info updated ,delivery status and if deal what is broker service asap. 

We will ready to send EOI, buyer company profile and business investmen informatio including future plan( another BMPP unit) by mail. They are doing development in southern Myanmar coastal cities electric power by PPA. 

Appreciated your prompt reply.


Aaron Ag

+959443093611(WhatsApp: Aaron Ag) 






Yousif Eltahir
7/15/2023 11:00:58 AM Sudan

Woul  you please send  Price  and delivery details to Portsudan .

S.Rao Pavar
4/14/2023 3:17:30 PM India


we are intrested to buy burge power plant 120MW, can you please share us phots, techincal detail, and your offer on or whatsapp 91 6366303934

4/14/2023 8:46:46 AM India


We are intrested to buy barge power plant, please share techical details, photos and your offer price. looking forward to your reply.

4/14/2023 8:32:44 AM India


We are intrested to but his barge power plant 120MW, can you please share us more techincal details, photos and your offer price. looking forward to your early reply.

S.Rao Pavar
4/13/2023 4:05:42 PM India

Can you please send us the more details and your offer


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What is Barge Power plant 120 MW ?

The Barge Power Plant 120 MW is a floating power generation facility that is capable of producing 120 megawatts of electrical power. It is designed to be self-contained and can be transported to various locations as needed.

The power plant is equipped with an engine manufactured by Wartsila Corporation in 1997, which is a Vasaa 18v46GD model. This engine has an output of 16,290 kilowatts (kW) at ISO standard and operates at a speed of 500 revolutions per minute (RPM).

The generator used in the power plant is manufactured by ABB Industries OY and is a type AMG 1600 SR 12 DSEB. It has an output of 20,000 kilovolt-amperes (kVA) and operates at 15,000 volts, 50 hertz, and 770 amps. The generator also operates at a speed of 500 RPM.

The power plant also includes other equipment such as a compressor, electric motor, and transformer to support its operations. Overall, the Barge Power Plant 120 MW is a flexible and reliable source of electrical power that can be deployed to remote locations or used as a backup power source during emergencies.

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