Subject: Far Sale: Brunvoll Thruster System FU-63-LTC-1750

Date: 28.01.2016 14:39:27

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We offer a Brunvoll pitch propeller thruster with hydraulic unit, switch cabinet and water cooled el-motor for sale.

Thruster details:
Thruster Unit No: 5306
Thruster Unit Type: FU-63-LTC-1750
Input Speed on Thruster: 1180 rpm
Input Power on Thruster: 736 kW (1000HP)
Internal Gearing Ration: 11/43
Propeller Speed: 300 rpm

Drive System details:
Electric Drive System - Star Delta Starter
EL-Motor: Marelli B 4 W 400 LY 6, Fresh Water Cooled
Voltage: 3 ~ 440V - 60Hz
Effect: 736 kW
Full Load Current: app 1150 Amp.
Starting Current: App. 1950 Amp.

Servo System:
EL- Motor effect: 3,5kW

The system was taken out in very good running condition of the vessel for replacement for a bigger thruster. 
No any marks of corrosion on the thruster shaft visible.
Propeller blades in very good condition.



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Contact Name:Markus Nehlsen
Company Name:Smedegaarden A/S
Mobile Phone:004530701888

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Manual Brunvoll FU-63-LTC-1750


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