FG Wilson P165-5 Parts/FG Wilson P165-5 Diesel Generator Set Spare Parts Used Perkins 1106A-70TG2 Diesel Engine

Subject: FG Wilson P165-5 Parts/FG Wilson P165-5 Diesel Generator Set Spare Parts Used Perkins 1106A-70TG2 Diesel Engine

Date: 19.6.2018 06:07:05

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FG Wilson P165-5 parts/FG Wilson P165-5 diesel generator set spare parts used Perkins 1106A-70TG2 diesel engine

FG Wilson P165-5 Oil Filter
FG Wilson P165-5 Air Filter
FG Wilson P165-5 Fuel Filter
FG Wilson P165-5 Cylinder Head
FG Wilson P165-5 Cylinder Liner
FG Wilson P165-5 Cyliner Head Gasket
FG Wilson P165-5 Piston Kit
FG Wilson P165-5 Piston Ring
FG Wilson P165-5 Exhaust Valve
FG Wilson P165-5 Inhaust Valve
FG Wilson P165-5 Manifold
FG Wilson P165-5 Fuel Pump
FG Wilson P165-5 Fuel Injector
FG Wilson P165-5 Water Pump
FG Wilson P165-5 Oil Pump
FG Wilson P165-5 Starter Motor
FG Wilson P165-5 A.C  Alternator
FG Wilson P165-5 Turbocharger
FG Wilson P165-5 Bearing
FG Wilson P165-5 Crankshaft
FG Wilson P165-5 Thrust Washer
FG Wilson P165-5 Camshaft
FG Wilson P165-5 Gasket
FG Wilson P165-5 Connecting Rod
FG Wilson P165-5 Engine Block
FG Wilson P165-5 Gasket Set
FG Wilson P165-5 Overhaul Kit
FG Wilson P165-5 Seal
FG Wilson P165-5 O-Ring
FG Wilson P165-5 Radiator


FG Wilson generator sets model  all Use Perkins diesel engines.

Our company Provide imported original FG Wilson diesel generator set spare parts for the common models:
P9.5-4,P13.5-6,P18-6,P22-6,P33-3,P50-3,P55-3,P65-5,P88-3,P110-3,P150-5,P165-5,P200-3,P220-3,P250-3,P275-3, P300-3,P330-3, P400-3, P450-3,P500-3,P550-3,P605-3,P660-3,P715-3,P800E1,P900E1,P1100E1,P1375E3,P1500E1,P1650E3,P1875E1,P1925E,P2000E,P2000-1E,P2250E,P2250-1E,P2500-1E

P27,P30E ,P40,P44E ,P40,P44E1 ,P45,P44E1,P45P,P50E  ,P45P1,P50E1, P60,P65E ,P60P1,P65E1,P70,P77E ,P75P1,P83E1,P90,P100E, P100,P110E,P135,P150E ,160H,P188HE ,P200H ,P230H, P250H,P300,P330E ,P350,P380E , P380,P425E ,P450 , P500,P550E,P550,P605E ,P563,P625E, P600 , P650,P850 , P852  P910,P1000  ,P1250, P1275,P1400E, P1350,P1650E ,P1700 ,P1750 ,PP1825,P2000 , P330P3 ,P450E1,P450P1 , P700E


We provide  full range of FG Wilson parts for customers to purchase (engine parts, filters, power system voltmeters, ammeters, frequency meters, various sensors, water heaters, oil caps, etc.)

FG Wilson Engine Air Filter:

FG Wilson oil filter:

FG Wilson fuel filter:

Our company specializes in selling and serving on Diesel generator parts, diesel generator sets parts,generator sets spare parts ,engine parts such as CAT(caterpillar) engineering machinery parts, generator parts, gas turbine parts, marine engine parts, generator sets parts; Perkins engine parts; Volvo engine parts; MTU (Benz) parts; Cummins parts; DEUTZ parts; Yanmar parts; MITSUBISHI parts etc.
Our Diesel Engine parts as follows:
1, commonly used consumables and accessories: all kinds of filters, coolant, belt, repair kit (cylinder mattress, oil pan gasket and other full oil seals, gaskets, sealing components).
2, all kinds of tiles: connecting rod, spindle, cam, thrust;
3, cylinder head and all parts: basin head, rocker arm, valve, valve tube, seat ring, valve spring, valve tappet;
4, each part of the middle cylinder: cylinder, connecting rod, crankshaft, piston, piston ring, cylinder liner (four matching).
5. Cooling system: fan, cooler, cooling nozzle, pump, oil pump, water tank and air box.
6, fuel system: high pressure oil pump, injector;
7, others: flywheel and gear ring, cam and shaft, charger, starter motor, supercharger, hand pump, connecting pipe fittings, inductor, electronic module, bolt nut, blockage head and so on.


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Okolie Clifford
7/5/2024 6:14:07 PM Nigeria

I need the Part Book for Perkins P165-5


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