Subject: For Sale, Gearbox Hundested CPG 50

Date: 3/22/2021 4:43:13 PM

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For sale

a Gearbox from Hundested,  White 2 PTO s, for hydrolic pumps.(not included), and a propellor and a propeller shaft



Type: CPG 50

Propeller output: 650 BHP

Propeller rpm: 225 rpm

Reduction ratio: 5.875: 1

Engine rotation: Left

Propeller rotation: Right

Classification: None


Hydraulic system:

Oil type: ISO 30 mono grade

Oil quantity: approx. 70 liters

Operating temperature: 50-80 ° C

Max. temperature: 85 ° C

Temperature alarm: Danfoss CAS180 / 85 ° C

Weight of gear: 1450 kg.



Solenoid valve for coupling: Denison 4D01-35-751-09-02

Reduction valve for coupling: HG-011-32, max. 35 bar


Oil cooler: Bowman FC140-3876-4

Pressure filter: Purolates Pi 3608-11 + 3108 MIC10

Oil pressure alarm: Danfoss CAS145 / 16.5 bar

Hydraulic valve for control

Of propeller pitch: Danfoss PVG 32




Module: AH

Coupling: Hydraulic

Step-up ratio: 1.22: 1

Max. total torque: 1350 Nm

Flange: SAE E

Solenoid valve: DHI 0631 / 2H-24DC


Propellor and shaft


Number of blades : 4

Propeller diameter : 2000 mm (for nozzle)

Direction of rotation : Right-handed

Blade material : Ni-Al-Bz

Hub material : Ni-Al-Bz

Lubrication : Water emulsifying grease

Amount of grease in hub : 25 kg

Total weight of hub and blades : Approx. 634 kg


Stern tube:

Type of oil for lubrication : Ordinary engine oil SAE 30 or SAE 40

Amount of oil in gravity tank : 30 l

Oil temperature : Max. 60°C

Oil sealings Fore : ManeBar type EJ 150

Aft : ManeBar type EK 150

Cooling water : Minimum 150 litres per hour

(Max. 40°C)

Clearance in bearings Fore : 0,5 mm (Wear limit 1,0 mm)

Aft : 0,5 mm (Wear limit 1,0 mm)


Propeller shaft:

Material propeller shaft : CK 45

Outside diameter at bearings : 150 mm

Inside diameter : 52 mm

Weight of propeller shaft : Approx. 300 kg

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