Subject: GMT Wartsila and Sulzer available

Date: 20.06.2016 13:07:54

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Dear Sirs,

Good Day

Kindly find below details and pictures of units available.

-          GMT Wartsila main engine model 230B 20M (3,89 MW power), 2 units available with 0 hrs. Engine is comparable to Wartsila mod. 12V26 (see attachment)

-          GMT Wartsila gensets mod. 230B 6M (750kW), 4 units available with 0 hrs. Engine is comparable to Wartsila mod. 6L20 (see attachment)

Maker is Fiat GMT which is now been acquired by Wartsila, voltage is 440VAC/60Hz

Let us know if you have any requirements.

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Contact Name :Darshak Mehta
Company Name:Heeyas Ltd
Mobile Phone:+442034904341
Country:United Kingdom

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3/31/2021 11:53:36 AM Bangladesh

Dear Sir,

We intend to purchase the following Complete air starting distributor system.


Tab position:20653 

Part Name: Complete Starting Air Distributor

Manufacturer Drawing no. 123359239 

Manufacturer Code: A3503 

Suppliers mark: 123359239 

Qty: 01 in no complete set

Details of Engine is Given below:

 NAME: Main Engine 

 Model: B 230.20 DVM 

 Type: V Serial: 1393

  Manufacturer: GMT (Wartsila) Country of Origin: Italy  

Your early response would be highly appreciated.



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