Subject: LM2500 Gas Turbines (For Quick Sale)

Date: 5/18/2023 5:35:47 PM

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LM2500 Gas Turbine 8 units for sale.  Made by Fiat Aviazione.    Model 7LM2500 PB 101.    Low running hours!!!    These eight units were installed in a  4 military Lupo Frigate that were dismantled this year.    Extensive Boroscope images and details are available.  Installed 1981,  The GTs are currently located in South America ready to ship.   GTs have been run on Marine Diesel only.   The Power Turbine configuration is 6 stage.   These turbines were inspected and maintained by the manufacturer to this ship, however, for strategic reasons the Navy decided to decommission this vessel, leaving these turbines in perfect operating conditions.  The GTs had been subject to Service and Inspection Routines as detailed in document LM2500 GT Monography issued by the manufacturer. A Boroscope inspection was carried out in May 2023 which is available on demand.   The storage container isincluded in the sale.  Viewing of GT could be seeing by video call or in person appointment could  be arranged.  The GTs will be DELIVERED to the buyer under Incoterms FOB South America.    All inspection, collection & transportation costs will be for the account of the buyer.  The information provided is to the best of our knowledge complete and accurate, the GTs are being sold as seen, and without warranty or guarantee.   Owner reserves the right to withdraw the GTs from sale at any time up to the point at which final sale is confirmed.   More images available.

Turbine Details:     

TypeGas TurbineGas Turbine
BrandGeneral ElectricGeneral Electric
Serial GGGG995GG927
Serial GG                       GG943GG925
Serial GG                       GG982GG983
Installed new19811981
Fuel Type usedMarine DieselMarine Diesel
Power turbineGE 6 StageGE 6 Stage
Power25000bhp @ 3600RPM25000bhp @ 3600RPM
Total service time5100 hrs3900 hrs


          Additional Information:

 GT Nº 1 & Nº 2
Current locationSouth America
 Current condition of GTsMint Condition
Availability  of GTsReady To Ship
Date of most recent services for both GT2003 by Fiat Avio
Operating time after services for both GT0 hrs.
Date of most recent inspectionVisual and borescope: May 2023
 Installed on board from 1981.
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Haitham Brebish
7/18/2023 7:00:13 PM Libyan Arab Jamahiriya



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