Subject: Lube Oil Filtration Machine

Date: 08.08.2012 05:46:46

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TYA Series is specifically designed for purifying lubricating oils, such as Engine Oil, hydraulic oil, mechanical oil, coolant oil, gear oil, etc.


• Ideal for lubricating oil purification

• Eight models are available to accommodate various flow rates

• Continuously removes free water down to 50 ppm or less

• Fluid cleanliness grade (NAS) to 6 or better

• Dual water and particulate removal

• Coalescence-separation technology

• Double-infrared fluid level controller

• A trinity of interlocked preventive device

• Carbon fiber infrared heating system

• Automatic back-flushing system.


This model is tailored according to the nature of lubricating oils, so it can effectively remove liquid, solid and gas impurities from used oil, expanding the service life of oil and the operating efficiency of machinery. The recycling process also enhances oil quality and restores the oil’s transparency.


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