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Date: 11.08.2012 11:28:19

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We are gratified to introduce ourselves to your esteemed company as EGYMST; an Egyptian company established in 1985 as sole agents of international manufacturers and suppliers. We are specialized in supplying all kinds of N.D.T, testing and measuring instruments, equipment and materials to our Egyptian local market.


Our N.D.T scope of supply includes:


·                   Ultrasonic Thickness Gauges.

·                     Magnetic Particles inspection.

·                   Ultrasonic Flaw Detection.

·                     Dye Penetrant Inspection.

·                   Welding Inspection.

·                     Ultraviolet Equipment.

·                   Underwater Inspection.

·                     Paint and Coating Inspection.



·                   Eddy Current.

·                     X-Ray Equipment.

·                   Hardness Tester.

·                     Gamma Ray Equipment.

·                   Temperature Measurements.

·                     Radiation Safety.

·                   Visual Inspection.

·                     Radiographic Accessories.

·                   Metrology.

·                     X-Ray Films and Chemicals.

·                   Metal Analysis.

·                     Darkroom Accessories.

·                   Metallography.

·                     Viewers and Densitometers.

·                   Tensile Testing.


·                   Concrete Testing.


·                   Pipe and Cable Location



·                     Repair.

·                   Books and Publications

·                     Calibration.


It is worth mentioning that EGYMST is an agent of world leaders specialized in designing and supplying:

·   Air Pollution Control Systems including pollution control filters, demisters and equipment for separation of mist and fume from gases which are used in Fertilizers plants, Oil refineries plants, Acids and Chemicals production plants and many others.

·   Oil Pollution Control Systems used in water and including booms, skimmers of different models, dispersants, oil storage containers and other products.

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