Subject: Sale of spares for FUJI engine 12V32

Date: 07.03.2016 11:07:22

Details: Reviews 1

We also have complete set of original FUJI engine spares including turbo charger complete, crank shaft, injector pipes, valve clutch, valve seat, Heads,cylinder heads, plunjer assy, diesel kiki, nozzles, service heads, conrod assy, thrust washers, valve rotators for


1. 12V32

2. 12VH32

3. 12V32CLX

4. 12V32G

5. 12V32X

6. 16V32X

7. 16V32G

please forward enquires for the same

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Contact Name:Ankit Doshi
Company Name:Agrico Mining Spares Co.
Mobile Phone:+91-7738480613

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Ashish Ashish
1/22/2022 10:15:26 AM India

We are looking for FUJI 6 M 23 C Part if you can supply pls revert us 





Delta Separation


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