Subject: Wanted: 1.5MW to 2MW Bio Gas Generator

Date: 3.9.2020 09:20:05

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We are looking for USED biogas generator with output capacity of 1300kw to 2000kw, with 50Hz frequency, 440V, 3 phase, along with control panels and other necessary operating equipments & spare parts.


Scrubbed Gas details

Gas    Unit     Data

CH4 -  Vol% -   90%
CO2 -  Vol% -   <1%
H2O -  Vol%-    0.5%
H2S -  ppm -    <30
O2   -   Vol% -   <.01%

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Contact Name:M Harakhji & Sons
Company Name:M Harakhji and Sons,India
Mobile Phone:09824631214

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