Subject: Wanted 19 MVA alternator

Date: 14.1.2019 12:42:36

Details: Reviews 3

Alternators required

Model        -   ABB
Capacity    - 19657 KVA
Rpm          -  500 Rpm
Volt            -  11 KV
Hz             -  50 Hz

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Contact Name:Hemish Narvekar
Company Name:euro marine services
Mobile Phone:8108383690

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25.6.2019 09:23:04 United States

we have the product available please reply or call (410)989-5647 Email  Reply

Yasser Salama
4.4.2019 14:00:55 Egypt

Dear Sir,


We have for Sale.


A 50MW power station that has provided power for a cement factory is now for sale. The cement factory is now directly connected to the power grid and no longer requires this power station.

In Brief:

The power station is a 2011 model, made by Cummins and was in operation until 2017. Since that time it has been in standby mode.

The power plant has the following components:

- 25 Units diesel gensets (Cummins C2250 D5, 50Hz, 400V, 1500 RPM – 2000 KVA prime power)

- Radiator @ 50oC.

- 25 Units Transformers (ABB / 2MW – 11000Kv/400V).

- 25 L.V panels.

- Switchgear panels, SCADA panel, ….. ext.

- 20 Fuel Tanks (50 Ton / tank).

- Operating hours: 11000 hours.

- Condition: Used (Excellent condition).

- Location: Cairo – Egypt.

The power station has been operating through the Cummins agent directly (Operation and Maintenance annual contract).

Further technical data or photos is available upon request.


Best regards,

Yasser Salama


13.2.2019 20:59:30 United States

I have a COMPLETE 3MW Worthington 16Cylinder Turbine Diesel Generator 4,190 BHP @  450RPM with $250,000usd of new spare parts I am looking to sell at a fraction of the cost.


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