Subject: Wanted: Alfa Laval MAB-3 Spare Parts

Date: 3/14/2023 1:08:39 AM

Details: Reviews 2

Good Afternoon

Please, could you to send Us., a formal quote for the following spare parts of Alfa Laval MAB-3 Equipment:

04Ea Alfa Laval Friction Block

P/N 527770 81

01Ea Alfa Laval Worm Wheel Shaft

P/N 531430 80

01Ea Alfa Laval Sealing Washer Collar

P/N 532953 01

02Ea Alfa Laval Seal Ring

P/N 223521 17

01Ea Alfa Laval Gauge Glass

P/N 839100

04Ea Alfa Laval Rectangular Ring

P/N 6523500

01Ea Alfa Laval Repair Kit 2 Way Valve

P/N 1764734 82

01Ea Alfa Laval Worm Wheel

P/N 63292

01Ea Alfa Laval Heating Element Type 1 440V 16Kw

P/N 1762379 81

01Ea Alfa Laval Heating Element Type 1 440V 16Kw

P/N 1761646 02

02Ea Alfa Laval Spare Parts Kit Standar

P/N 1761821 08

06Ea Alfa Laval End Plate Gasket II

P/N 390084017106

30Ea Alfa Laval Channel End Plate Gasket I

P/N 3900171307



The quote must be sended to:







POSTAL CODE : 2340000

Indicating: Terms, Delivery Time, Warranty.

Thank in advance and Waiting for you promt reply about.

Kind Regards

Hernan Castillo

Internacional General Supply, Ltda

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4/27/2023 10:53:04 AM India

Dear Sir;

Need to perfect type/model

Md. Ahadul Islam
3/15/2023 1:16:40 AM Bangladesh

Hello Sir, 

Good day to you.

We have available complete engine Alfa Laval Mab-103 complete purifier.

If you want any kinds of information, please contact on WhatsApp or Email.


Thank you

Md. Ahadul Islam

Pacific Marine Bangladesh

WhatsApp: +8801730595380



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What is Alfa Laval MAB-3 ?

The Alfa Laval MAB-3 is a type of high-speed disc stack centrifuge used for the separation and clarification of liquids. It is commonly used in industrial and marine applications for removing water and solid particles from fuel and lubricating oils to ensure the smooth and efficient operation of engines and other equipment.

The MAB-3 operates by spinning a stack of conical discs at high speed, creating a centrifugal force that separates the different components of the liquid. The heavier particles and water are forced to the outer edges of the disc stack, where they are collected and removed, leaving behind the clean oil. The MAB-3 is designed to handle a wide range of oil viscosities and flow rates, making it suitable for use with a variety of different types of oils and fluids.

Overall, the Alfa Laval MAB-3 is a highly efficient and reliable centrifuge that is widely used in industrial and marine applications for the separation and clarification of liquids.

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