We can secure the foll RORO-PCTC for SALE

Subject: We can secure the foll RORO-PCTC for SALE

Date: 13.10.2011 14:05:17

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Dear Sirs,
Remind you, We can secure the foll RORO-PCTC for SALE
Owners are inviting best offers and vessel will be sold at best on as is where is basis.
Prompt inspectable Shanghai area - can guide further
Vessel is Described as foll

RORO - PCTC "Car Express" - abt. 650 CARS // OR// > 10 Buses or 14 Mid size Buses or 15 5tons Trucks + about 585 Cars

Totally Rebuilt/Reconstructed 2009
SPEED abt. 20 knots
Malta flag
vessel in excellent condition (hull, engine, car decks etc)
The vessel can be easily (permanently) reconfigured to carry High and Heavy equipment as follows [by removing one of the decks built in the 2009]:

5 decks - 4 under deck ttl sqm 3357 - one open deck sqm 1220.
Deck E : 415 sqm / 1.65m height / 6.4 kN/sqm
Deck D : 540 sqm / 1.65m height / 12 kN/sqm
Deck C : 702 sqm / 1.65m height / 5.6 kN/sqm
Deck B (main deck) : 1700 sqm / 4.2/3.9m height / 12 kN/sqm
Deck A (Open deck) : 1220 sqm / 5.6 kN/sqm

Further details, pics etc are available here. Please advise interest. May guide

Best Regards
Yukio Rai

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Hi I was wondering about the price of the


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