Subject: MGO SACM UD 30 V16 parts

Date: 27.09.2014 16:05:18

Details: Reviews 14

We are looking for a crankshaft and Bearings, Main and Con rod, for a MGO SACM UD 30 V16. 

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22.11.2019 16:00:43 France

price loading in paris france 15 000€

Geir Pedersen
6.11.2019 13:18:27 Norway


What is the price on this UD 30V16 S6D 1600 KVA YEAR 1992 ONLY 300 HOURS?

Geir Pedersen
6.11.2019 13:09:00 Norway

Do you have Sigma Typ RM8 fuelpumps (DLT 600253) for SACM  MGO175V16BSHR? 

11.9.2019 14:05:08 France

hi for sale generator UD 30V16 S6D 1600 KVA YEAR 1992 ONLY 300 HOURS

18.11.2017 09:01:29 Turkey

Dear sir,I need sacm ud30 v16 fuel injection pump(2 piece) or spare parts,piston,piston ring,liner etc...Can I learn compression pressure for cylinder? 

Zin Mar
28.09.2016 07:09:17 Myanmar (ex-Burma)

Dear Sirs,

I am interested in your available spares. Please kindly contact me through email.

Muhammad Anees
17.01.2016 09:43:21 Pakistan

Dear Sir, We have 42 sets of valve head, 3 Crank Shafts, 6 Tappet Shafts, Piston Cylinder 48 Pcs, All Goods is used but on Standard, Nozels 48 sets. UD30V16. YOC 1999. Regards. Muhammad Anees Managing Director A.K Textile Parts P-31, Baloch Market, Dar Ul Ehsaan Town, Samundri road, Faisalabad, Pakistan. Ph. +92418713285, Fax. +92418810174 Cell. +923008666528

Muhammad Anees
17.01.2016 09:36:24 Pakistan

We have 2 Crankshaft UD30V16. Shaft is 100% standard. If you still required please contact with us. Best Regards. Muhammad Anees Managing Director A.K Textile Parts P-31, Baloch Market, Dar Ul Ehsaan Town, Samundri road, Faisalabad, Pakistan. Ph. +92418713285, Fax. +92418810174 Cell. +923008666528

Andy Zhang
30.03.2015 09:54:37 China

I can supply : DLT 012098 DLT 057386 DLT 096231 DLT 012041 DLT 012042 DLT 013665 DLT 002979 DLT 007257 DLT 046110 NOR 001777 DLT 32240 DLT 010719 409159-0005 DLT 101912 DLT 101937 DLT 601887 DLT 604670 DLT 601507 DLT 031778 (FF 5354) DLT 039961 DLT 016222 DLT 007822 DLT 039300 DLT 602129 DLT 585758 DLT 003372 DLT 012647 DLT 012895 DLT 012646 DLT 055214 DLT 55632 DLT 55633 DLT 55634 DLT 55635 DLT 055215 DLT 55636 DLT 55637 DLT 55638 DLT 55639 DLT 7950 DLT 7951 DLT 7952 DLT 7953 DLT 055213 DLT 111367 DLT 036469 DLT 114712 DLT 21206 DLT-031813/Bosch 0.433.220.093.8GA DLT 004400 DLT 031777(LF 3797) DLT 032885 Contact with me for details

Ahmet Alper Selhep
20.12.2014 09:37:30 Türkiye

Cylinder Covers , pistons sets injector nozzle valves drivers needed

George G
07.12.2014 02:43:08 Fiji

We are looking for MGO SCAM UD 30 V 16 PARTS 1) piston rings DLT 56730 2) piston rings DLT 57922 3) piston rings DLT 014401 4) pistong rings DLT056643 please contant me if you have the above parts

Joost van Driel
03.11.2014 17:02:58 Nederland

We have for sale: a SACM genset 1600kVA 50Hz 400V with only 485 running hours, engine type V12 CSHR, serial number 24043, generator Unelec generator in perfect running condition, Former standby unit in a hospital, whole maintenance history is available Including part books

Goundar G
29.09.2014 01:38:19 Fiji Island

We are looking for MGO UD 30 V16 crankshaft,please could someone cantact me if you have one in stock, Your assisteance is highly appreciated

Shuvo Hasan
28.09.2014 10:51:09 Bangladesh

Dear Sir, We have your required spare parts but second hand good condition. Shipment is from Chittagong to anywhere by sea/ air/ dhl and payment is advance TT/ 100% LC. Kindly let us know if you agree if you agree with our term. Waiting for your reply. Kind regards, Shuvo Hasan Mobile: +8801682036423 Dynamic Ship Service Email:


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