Subject: NOV W-U-15-H/HRC/15/30/150 HYDRAULIC WINCH for sale.

Date: 4/18/2024 11:20:07 AM

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Brand: NOV
Type: W-U-15-H/HRC/15/30/150                                  – Quantity – 01 Pc.
Type: D1117(WINCH-10T-110M-Q26-ZHP4.26-I107)   – Quantity – 01 Pc.
Type: W-U-05-H/HRC/05/19/150                              – Quantity – 05 Pcs.
Type: G7539-D1151-G0039                                          – Quantity – 02 Pcs.
Type: HL-MR-150-110M-HRC                                       – Quantity – 01 Pc.
Manufacturing Year:  2014
Condition: Working Condition (Surplus)

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