Subject: 18v32/40 HFO generator sets power plant generator 60HZ 8640 kw

Date: 11/17/2022 5:57:08 AM

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we have HFO diesel generator set MAN 18V 32/40  in our warehouse available for sale.

They are unused zero-hour running machines from a canclled projects years ago.

They are in very good conditions and at a very competitive price.

Type: STX-MAN 18V 32/40 

Cylinder bore : 320 MM 

Engine Speed: 720 rpm

 Mean effective pressure : 25.9 Bar 

Power of engine: 9080 Kw 

Power of gen.set: 8640 kw 

Power factor cos phi(lagging) 0.8 

Voltage: 13.8Kv 60 Hz(customized 50 Hz)

Dimensions H : 5240 mm C: 12750 mm W : 3500 mm 

Weight(dry) : 139000 kg 

Fuel consumption?183g/kW.h+5% MCR?185g/kW.h+5% MCR,MGO

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