Subject: 800h USED Complete GE FM9171 183MW 50Hz CC , HFO/DO Power Plant

Date: 9/23/2021 11:34:23 AM

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1 x 2010 GE Fm 9171 183mw 50Hz DF CC Power Plant

PRICE IS USD9,470,000 FOB With natural gas manifold, dismantled, packed and sent to port


Plant was built in 2010 and has only start up and test hours of less than 800 total hours.

Can be offered for combined cycled or simple cycled power plant


--Two x complete 183 MW 50 Hz combined cycle power plants (CCPs) including:

  • Two 123 MW G.E. Frame 9 E, HFO & # 2 diesel fuel, 143.4 MVA, 50 Hz, 11,540 V
  • Two 180 Ton/Hr Deltak HRSG's, 40 bar@481°C
  • Two 60 MW Electric Corp. condensing steam turbine generators, 75MVA, 50Hz, 10,500V



2 x Gas Turbine Generators


Rated Capacity: 123,000 KW

Manufacturer: General Electric

Model: FRAME 9E, MS-9001E, PG9171E

Fuel Type: Gas & # 2 Diesel Fuel

Turbine Speed: 3,000 RPM

Start System: Electric Motor

Governor: Included

Fuel: HFO & # 2 DIESEL


2 x Generator


Nameplate Rating: 114,720 KW

Manufacturer: General Electric

Model or Type: 335957

Phase/Frequency: 3 Ph/50 Hz

Voltage: 11,540 V

Rated Capacity: 143,400 KVA

Power Factor: 0.80

Generator Speed: 3,000 RPM

Exciter: Included

Generator Cooling: Hydrogen


Auxiliary Components


Skid Mounted: Yes

Enclosed Unit: No

Controls/Instruments: Mark V

Switchgear: Included

Lube Oil System: Included

Fuel System: Included

Air Intake System: Included

Exhaust Structure: Included

Transformer: Included


OEM Manuals: Available

Operating Records: Available at Site

Maint. Records: Available at Site

Blueprints: Available at Site



Each of these is in a combined cycle plant (CCP) with a180 Ton/Hr. Deltak HRSG, 40 bar@481°C and a 60 MW Electric Corp. condensing steam turbine generator, 75 MVA, 0.80 F.F, 10.5KV


Please advise your interest


Best regards

Woonha Jee



INSOL Corporation


101-802 , Bundangro 190 

Seongnam city, Kyonggido

13581, Korea 

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Contact Name:Woonha Jee
Company Name:INSOL Corporation
Mobile Phone:82 10 38999768
Country:Korea, (South) Rep. of

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