9MW x 2 sets MAN THM 1304-D gas turbine(60HZ) for sale with low hours after overhaul

Subject: 9MW x 2 sets MAN THM 1304-D gas turbine(60HZ) for sale with low hours after overhaul

Date: 3.8.2018 04:25:41

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We have following two MAN gas turbine sets for sale with following details 


1. Gas Turbine Generator #1, #2 (9MW x2sets)


Make: Man turbo (Germany)


Year: 1996


Unit: 2 sets


Run hours : one set -zero hours after overhaul in 2005 with  37000 hours since new

                    one set -1000 hours after overhaul in 2005 with 51,000 hours since new


Model: THM1304-D


Type: Open Cycle


Number of Shafts: 2


Rated Power Available at Free Turbine Shaft under ISO conditions: 9,435kw


Rotation: (Facing Output Coupling): Counter Clockwise


Air Intake Duct


Gas Generator


Air Compressor


Type: Axial-Centrifugal


Number of Stages: 11 (Axial: 10 Centrifugal: 1)


Maximum Outside Diameter: 570mm


Rated Speed: 11,900rpm


Trip Speed: 12,100rpm


Pressure Ratio: 9.75b


Casing Split: Horizontal


- Combustion Chambers


Number: 2


Type: Silo with Dry Low Nox System


- High Pressure Turbine


Number of Stages: 2


Outside Diameter: 655mm


- Air Intake Casing


- Compressor


- Combustion Chambers


- Gas Inlet Duct


- High Pressure Turbine


_ High Pressure Turbine/


Compressor Shaft


Power Turbine


Number of Stages: 2


Outside Diameter: 890mm


Rated Speed: 8,000rpm


Speed Variation Range: 1,500~8,200rpm


Trip Speed: 12,000rpm Not Delayed


Exhaust Gas Temperature at Rated Power: 508℃


- Spacer


- Low Pressure Turbine


- Low Pressure Turbine Casing and Shaft


- Exhaust Elbow Generator




Make: BRUSH (U.K)


Type: Synchronous Generator


Supply System: 6600V, 3 Phase, 60Hz


Number of Revolution: 1,800rpm


1. Turbine Auxiliary Equipment


1-1 Lubricating Oil System


Lube Oil Pumps












1-2 Fuel System


Inlet Pressure Control Valve


Shut off Valve


Inertial Filter/Separator


Fuel Governor


1-3 Auxiliary Air System


Two Bleed Valve


A Third Bleed Valve


Solenoid Valves


Surge Detector


1-4 Variable Guide Vane Actuating System


1-5 Starting Equipment


Electric Motor


1-6 Auxiliary Gear Box


1-7 Coupling Main


1-8 Cleaning Systems


1-9 Electrical Equipment and Wiring


2. Driven Auxiliary Equipment


2-1 Lubrication Oil System


2-2 Coupling


2-3 Speed Reducing Gear Box


3. Auxiliaries


3-1 Air Intake System Including: Expansion Joint






3-2 Self-Cleaning Filter Efficiency: Higher than 99.8% for Particles 2 Microns


Higher than 94% for Particles 0.5 Microns


3-3 Exhaust System


3-4 Sound Proof Enclosure


3-5 Lube Oil Cooling System


3-6 Safety Systems


Fire Detection


Fire Fighting Equipment


Gas Detection System


4. Control Panels


4-1 Gas Turbine Control Panel


4-2 Generator Control Panel


4-3 Generator Excitation


4-4 Motor Control Center


4-5 No-Break Power Supply


 please advise your interest


Best regards

Woon H Jee



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Mujadid ul Hassan
8.10.2018 07:51:22 Pakistan

Dear Sir

I saw your advertisement for Sale of 2 X 9MW Turbine on Reply

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