Subject: Automation & Instrumentation Equipments ready to Export

Date: 7/14/2021 1:03:06 PM

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We are available with :

Oil Mist Detector

  • Kidde Graviner
  • Daihatsu
  • Schaller

Oil Content Detector

  • Rivertrace
  • Deckma
  • Fellow Kogyo

Oxygen Analyzer

  • Diesel Kiki
  • Woodward

Viscosity Controller

  • VAF
  • Alfa laval

Level And Float Switch
Temperature Controller / Transmitter

  • Nakakita
  • Yamatake Honeywell

Pressure Control / Transmitter

  • Nakakita
  • Yamatake Honeywell
  • Nagona Keiki
  • Rosemount

Pressure Switch
Temperature / Pressure Calibrator
Temperature Gauge
Tank Gauging Tape

  • MMC
  • Hermetic

Pneumatic Valves
Hydraulic Power Unit
Fuel Injector Test Rig
Valve / Valve Seat Grinding Machine
Honing Machine
Liner Diameter Measuring Instrument
Oil Purifier Automation
(Control, Transducer, Etc.)
Engine Automation
(Relay, Speed Switch, PLC, Control, Etc.)
Deck and Provisional Crane Automation
(Relay, Control, PLC,Poteniometer, Etc)
Air Circuit Breaker

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Contact Name:Abdul Hafiz
Company Name:Sea World Exports
Mobile Phone:9825209086

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