Subject: Caterpillar XQ2000 Diesel Generator Packages Thirteen (13)

Date: 6/16/2022 2:47:03 PM

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Caterpillar XQ2000 Gensets. Thirteen (13) Caterpillar XQ2000 Diesel Generator Power Modules.  2250 KVA, 1500 rpm, 400 Volt, at 50 HZ. OR 2000 KW 1800 rpm, 480 Volt at 60 HZ.  Year 2009. All power packages are well maintained by Caterpillar.  with all service records available. PDF Specs

Recent Service on the Caterpillar XQ2000 Gensets :

  • Inspected by Caterpillar
  • Serviced by Caterpillar
  • Converted to 50 HZ by Caterpillar
  • Load Tested by Caterpillar

Caterpillar XQ2000 Gensets Specifications

  • Quantity: 13
  • Manufacture: Caterpillar
  • Model: XQ 2000
  • Engine Model: 3516B
  • Electrical Power: 2000 KW/2250 KVA
  • Alternator:  Caterpillar SR4B Brushless
  • Voltage: 400V/480V
  • Frequency: 50 HZ/60 HZ
  • Phase: 3 Phase
  • RPM: 1500/1800 rpm
  • Fuel: Diesel Fuel
  • Year: 2009

Caterpillar XQ2000 Gensets

  • Condition: Maintained by Caterpillar under service contract
  • Frame Type: 40? ISO 75 dB(A) Soundproof Isolated container, CSC certified
  • Fuel Tank Capacity: UL Listed 1250 gallon double walled
  • Exhaust: Integrated Exhaust System.
  • Cooling: Caterpillar Integrated Radiator Water Cooled System
  • Electrical System: Generator mounted EMCP 3.3 Control Panel provides power
  • metering, protective relaying and engine and generator control and monitoring.
  • Caterpillar Switchgear: Provides single unit and/or multi-unit/utility paralleling capability.
  • Breaker: Circuit Breaker 3000A fixed type, 3 poles
  • Regulator: Generator mounted automatic voltage regulator
  • Bus Bars: Three phase
  • Panel: AC Distribution
  • Shore Power(2)
  • Battery Charger and Batteries
  • Internal: Internal Lighting and heating
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