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Advanced Power Technologies Ltd. (APT)

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Company Name :Advanced Power Technologies Ltd. (APT)
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China has risen from the poorest country in the world to a medium income nation in about 40 years, and its power generation capacity has surpassed that of the US, and upto 2040, it is predicted that at least 100 GW of power generation units will be installed every year - for another 25 years. 100 GW equals the total power capacity of many nations incl UK. No nation in the world is developing power capacity at this rate. Therefore no company with feet in this industry can afford ignoring this huge market if they don't want to die out. In addition China exports part of its power generation equipments to the world - 20 GW last year, and it looks like China is also the largest power equipment manufacturer in the world (60%+ of the world's total production capacity, taking foreign production facilities into account). Viewing from any point, going to China is a necessity for every one in the industry.

We come here to help you in this aspect.

We are one of the major power engineering companies dealing with power plant / equipment trading - sourcing, marketing, technical services and others with market focus on China. The power equipments are in the following scope:

Complete Thermal Power Plants and Units

- fueled by coal, gas, LNG based power generating plants from 0 MW to 300 MW (mini/micro/small turbines gensets included)

  • Steam power plants,
  • Co-generation plants (CHP),
  • Gas turbine based power plants (simple-cycle / combined-cycle),
  • Diesel gensets,
  • Hydropower,
  • Windpower.

Individual Power equipments

  • Gas Turbines,
  • Steam Turbines,
  • Diesel engines,
  • Hydroturbines,
  • Windturbines.
  • Control systems for the above

We trade those systems and equipments of - new, surplus, used, or rebuilt no more than 20 years in good conditions.

If you have plans to sell/market/purchase your power equipments/services, particularly for / to China, please let us know.

Consultation about the Chinese Power Market

If your particular interest is to explore the Chinese power and electricity market, we can help you with our unique marketing forces. We can mobilize a team

  • to initiate a web presence and web marketing
  • to conduct a (traditional) direct marketing,
  • to help you attend some of the important events such as fairs and conferences,
  • to assist your market researches and feasibility studies,
  • to investigate how to establish your business/distribution/sales network and how
  • to set up your manufacturing base here China.

We can also localize and translate your

  • website and related data/documents/images/multimedia files,
  • company and product pamphlets and
  • other presentation and promotional information

into Chinese as part of our marketing service package.

We've also prepared the "China Gas/Steam Turbine Units and Diesel Gensets Directory", a 525 page of collections of basic information and data about the steam turbine gensets, gas turbine gensets, hydroturbine power units, windturbine power units and diesel gensets in production in China, with photos, technical data and other related information. It is being updated on half-year basis. Available upon payment for an electronic version.

In one word, we can help you pioneer the (Chinese) power market with our expertise gained over the years in the power and energy industry.

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Country : China
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Phone : 86   21-3886-3920
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Address :12B08 Marine Tower No1Pudong Avenue Pudong District Shanghai 200002

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