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Shanghai Banner Demo Ship Equipment Co.,Ltd

Contact Name :Folin Zhu
Company Name :Shanghai Banner Demo Ship Equipment Co.,Ltd
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We are an OEM parts manufacturer and supplier for ship engine and equipment from Shanghai, China since 2009. Our factory can manufacture middle-small size parts for MAN and Wartsila main engines. And our attachment hydraulic tools are supplied to engine maker YMD, DMD and SXD, as well as MAN Energy Solutions in Denmark with supplier no.2142834. We also have good purchasing channels for other parts. Here is our main biz range:


1. Engine Models & Brands: MAN B&W: L16/24, L21/31, L23/30(H), L28/32, L32/40, S26MC, L35MC, S35MC/-C, S35ME-B, L42MC, S42MC, S46MC-C, L50MC, S50MC/-C, S50ME-C, L60MC/E, S60MC/-C, S60ME-C, L70MC, S70MC/-C...

Wartsila-Sulzer: R22, RTA48T, RTA48T/-B/-D, RTA52, RTA52U, RTA58/-T, RTA62/U, RTA72/-U/-B, RT-FLEX48T, RT-FELX50/-B/-D, RT-FLEX58T/-B/-D, RT-FLEX68-B/-D,  RT-FLEX68T-B/-D,   

Yanmar: HAL2-DTN, S185L-ET, N18L-EN, N330-EN, N330-E/UW, N280L-EN, M220L-S/UN, M220-EN, M220L-S/UN...;

Cummins: BT5.9-M, BT5.9-G2(M), NTA855-D/M, K19-DM...;

Daihatsu: DKM-26, DKM-28, DK/L20...;

Pilestick: PC2-5V400, PC2-6V400, PC2-5L, PC2-6L...


Engine Parts: Cylinder Liner, Cylinder Cover, Piston Crown, Piston Skirt, Cooling Jacket, Piston Rings, Nozzle, Plunger Barrel, O Rings etc


2. Equipments: Turbocharger Parts: MAN, IHI, MITSUBISHI...

Air Compressor Parts: Tanabe, Sperre, Hamworth...

Oil Purifier Parts:Alfa Laval,Westfalia,Mitsubishi...

Pumps and Parts: Naniwa, Taikokika...

Boiler Parts,:Meters etc.


3. Hydraulic Tools: We can Manufacture OEM Hydraulic Tools, like Test rig, Hydraulic Jack, Hydraulic Pump, Hydraulic Hose, Quick Coupling etc.


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Country : China
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Phone : +86   -21-35307155-8017
Fax :+86   -21-35307186
Address :Room 8911, No.73 Wuhua Road, Hongkou District, Shanghai 200086

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